What song are you listening to right now?

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Sigala- Revival. One of the most underrated songs ever IMO

Slipknot - All Hope is Gone. Hopefully not relevant to the Tigers season this year 😅

That’s probably my favourite blues recording.

i have listened to this a few times, isnt bad

WOOOOW, not a Lil Pump fan

Antonio Lauro - Vals Venezolano 3

Adam Holzman’s rendition though.

its a freestyle over a lip pump beat… the kid does a better job of the beat than lil pump does imo

You are right it isnt bad it is awful

It would be 35 years since i last listened to that it was good music then and it still is.I actually had a vinyl copy of it once but it disappeared at a party

yea, i have been trying to make myself learn it… but have never got around to it… such a good song

Now you’re talking young fella.

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