Christchurch Shootings

  • @GNR4LIFE:

    What part of my post do you find divisive? Is anything I said untrue? The guy did praise Trump as inspiration. Kind of disturbing considering he’s the POTUS I would have thought.

    Every nutcase extremist praises somebody and takes their message to a point unintended.
    The nutcase Muslim religious extremists praise Allah before they kill … the same Allah these innocent people were praying to.
    People justifying their violent acts on someone or something else is quite common unfortunately.

  • Banned

    It seems that this attack was extremely well planned and executed with a clearly imagined goal in mind.
    Division…not just along religious, ethnic nor cultural lines but also political. If this guy has dimissed 50 lives to ensure the political gap widens then we have entered a new age of evil. Scary and disturbing times we are living through.

  • The world is going backwards at a very rapid rate

  • Heard an academic saying that the attention and obsession with trying to understand the terrorists is often what drives future attackers to be even more shocking and violent.

    I think it’s important to recognise victims but the killer/s should be forgotten about ASAP.
    Locked in a box, killed, whatever the law of the country determines.

  • I know I’m showing my age but at this stage of events I recall John Lennon and his song ‘all we are saying is give peace a chance’.

  • I would like to imagine us all living in perfect harmony

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