Tiger Ratings

My thoughts:

1 - Thompson (8) - Solid all game and a few nice touches.
2- Jennings - (5) - Not his best debut but he will get better.
3 - Momorovski - (5) - Nothing really wrong, but didn’t look to offer anything.
4 - Masters - (7) - Nothing wrong, made a lot of good runs second half.
5 - Fonau (8) - His second half was amazing. Turned the game with strong runs.
6 - Benji (6) - Made some good runs on the back of Fonau, kicked well 2nd half. 1st half poor.
7 - Brooks (4) - Kicking game pretty ordinary, didn’t look as crisp in the wet.
8 - Twal (7) - Solid all round game.
9 - Farah (7) - Ok first half, pretty good 2nd half.
10 - Matulino (6) - Ran fairly well, more hitups would be good.
11 - Garner (7) - Very solid all round, nice try.
12 - Matterson (9) - Amazing game. Best running 2nd rower weve ever had.
13 - Taylor (6) - Solid

14 - Aloaia (9) - Best game in Tigers colours. Has go forward that very few of our players do.
15 - Mikaele (8) - The added go forward from him was amazing.
16 - Packer (5) - Does work in defence, but in 40 mins only got tackled 2wice to my count.
17 - Chee Kam (5) - On late, nothing wrong.

Bit rough giving Brooks the teams worst rating.

Gee Packer was great in my opinion and Momirovski shut down the half chances Suli was creating quite regularly

Defensively he was good and e went through the whole, but he didn’t take a hit up for the first 20 minutes he was on the field and finished with about 3 runs for his 40 minute stint.

Solid, but I expect more from him.

so overall we use the 1st half to warm up and then we go all in at the 2nd half….

Stats from the game.


Aloiai was outstanding. Mikaele has posted some impressive numbers for his debut as well. Fonua’s numbers are up there too. Good game by the Mullet.

Great stats from most of the guys as you’d hope with a win, but matterson was a brute tonight, what a brilliant signing.

I agree Brooks had an off night.
His ideas were right most of the time but execution was lacking and involvement low. Wouldnt give him a 4 though, 5.5 for mine. He can learn a lot about playing to the conditions from Rob and Benj.
Eight men cracking the tonne is a good result on a wet track. Glad no backs or little hookers on the bench.

It was a real team effort spiced with some exciting new talent.

sense of satisfaction watching tonight, yes its only the first game, but we looked crisp in somewhat tricky conditions.

one thing though, when will luke brooks finally take control of this team?

is it just me, but he played so unsure of himself. everything was going through Robbie and benji, Luke needs to put his hand up and just order that ball!

3. Madge for getting players right to go hard.
2. Matterson- comes into a position we have been weak in
1. Thompson

Brooks has to learn that he has to have a go himself … several times there today he simply just shovelled the ball on instead of pinning his ears back and having a crack … !! He caused no trouble to the defensive line at all … to predictable with the ball in hand.

I’ll put it down to rd1 nerves, an ugly scrappy win is always better than an ugly scrappy loss … 🙂

1 Thompson 9 __ Was best on field IMO. Safe backed up as a good fullback should and i actually think he will pressure our captain.
2 Fonua 7 __ the usual from the big marn. Ran hard doesnt shirk the work defended well. Would be higher but had some handling moments as per him.
3 Mom 5 ___ not the best first up game and while im a big fan i thought he was by far our player that had the least amount of impact.
4 Marsters 7 – thought he was solid and did som,e great things but struggled with involvement in the first half. He is a handful in attack his run from dummy half down the blindside was pretty to watch.
5 Jennings 6 __ Ran the ball well ,hands let him down a bit. Looked a little underdone to me.
6 Benji 7__ im usually critical of benji but i thought he ontrolled the game well kicking game especially to touch was excellent. I really felt he held the ball in situations where he usually would have past a bad ball on. Ran more then usual as well
7 Brooks 7___ man i am super critical of Brooksy but i though apart from a few poor late tackle optiions, he was solid. He has come so sosososososososo far with his defence it was awesome.

8 Mats 6 ___ huge fan but i feel like he needs to be more involved 9 runs is just not enough as he is effective when he does carry.
9 Robbie 9___ dude was everywhere not much to say if he plays like that every week we will be there or there abouts.
10 Twal 8___ probably madges most underrated change for me. He just doesnt make mistakes. HE is an excellent defender and seems to make the right play like 99% of the time. Loved how he went at Kapow wouldnt be my first choice but solid.
11 Matterson 9 __ a huge addition for the tigers. Smart player did a great job hits hard and runs really good lines. Could be the best forward we have recruited since tapau lol. I think will only improve as he clicks with the halves.
12 Garner 8__ though he to was really solid. Dropped a few short sharp passes but the weather had a role in those. Can really notice the extra size. defended really well and ran good lines off brooks.
13 Taylor 7__ i think i like ET more in short stints. He still reasonably ineffective in attack but does bolster the middle defensively.

14 Packer 5 __ This kind of hurts due to me really liking him. I though he really had very little impact in both defense and attack. Ran some great decoys and gets around the park well but the rest of the bench out shone him i think.
15 Mikaele 7 ___ kid adds impact. Ran hard tackeld hard. his spot to lose. Love how he played smart and only made on real mistake.
16 Aloiai 9__ hooley dooley where has this been all my life. He was the most effective forward on the field period. Every run was damaging. I think this was the type of game alot of fans believed he had in him. Would have been my player of the game.
17 Cheekam ?? __ not on long not a lot of impact still dont think he runs hard enough to play in the middle third.

Super impressive win i thought. Lots of little things to work on but its the first time in a long time i felt like we were the dominate forward pack both defensively and offensively.

It’s a solid start. Main thing is we got the win and didn’t suffer any injuries, and there’s plenty of upside based on what I saw. The right edge now has some real steel about it with Matterson and Aloiai had one of his best games in Tigers colours - if he continues in that fashion then we should re-sign him sooner rather than later. Garner ran some good lines and was rewarded with a good try and Farah and Benji both kicked well and found plenty of open space with the boot. The conditions were horrible but we controlled the second half well and I liked the control we showed for 30 minutes - the last 10 fatigue set in for both sides and the intensity dropped. Massive test next week against the Warriors who will be hard to handle so we need to build on the second half and show the same defensive line speed.

I think your ratings are spot on.

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