Peter Beattie speaks to Laurie Nichols

The NRL chairmen has deleted this now but funny stuff. Peter Beatie thinks he is talking to Laurie Nichols, but its a fan page…


Beattie is such a cringe worthy embarrassment to the code he should be removed.

Peter Beattie sends a shout out to long dead Balmain Tigers legend Laurie Nicholls

Peter Beattie has made some big gaffes since he took over as NRL Commissioner but this one tops the lot.

Shortly after being named NRL commissioner he was unable to identify that the Sharks were the club that played out of Cronulla during a TV interview with Phil Gould.

Something he put down to a case of nerves while being interviewed.

He also confused the Barcelona football jersey with that of the Newcastle Knights in an interview on the Today programme.


Peter Beattie has had an absolute shocker on Twitter

But the prolific Twitter user has now made another stumble by bringing rugby league’s greatest fan, Laurie Nicholls, back from the dead.

During the NRL clash between the Tigers and Sea Eagles played at Leichhardt Oval, a spoof Twitter account known as “Laurie Nicholls is God”

responded to a tweet from Peter Beattie who was there for the game.


Devoted Balmain Tigers supporter Laurie Nicholls has been brought back to life by Peter Beattie.

The spoof account wrote “Isn’t she just a beauty Pete” when Beattie posted a photo of the Leichhardt crowd to his 12,000 followers.

But it was Beattie’s response to the fake Laurie’s account that took the cake.

“Good to see you are well Laurie. Good win for Wests Tigers today. All the best.”

Nicholls died in the year 2000

Beattie is an eejit.

Well this just tops the cake as far as the nrl heirachy goes.


Just how do you get in that position and be so clueless about the sport???

It makes me equally mad and sick, what are we doing with this muppet???

Imo he shouldn’t have lasted 5 mins longer than the Gus interview.

I have no words to describe this.

Just when you think the NRL heirachy couldnt make themselves look more inept.

He should follow Gould’s lead & get off social media.

I don’t rate Beattie but his tweet was obviously tounge in cheek. I’m sure he wouldn’t possibly think an very old man would be on twitter and with a username like ‘laurie is god’. Think he was rather referring to the fact his spirit lives on, he’s just not good with words….

I doubt if Beattie would have ever heard of Laurie even though he was the most famous supporter in football.

He needs to delete himself from all forms of social media and the game itself.
What a toss.

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