Aloiai tonight

Wow. What a beast. Thought he looked great tonight.

I can’t remember the last time one of our forwards has consistently hit the line that hard.

The question is, can he do it every week?

Awesome game by Josh. Has always had the potential. Here’s hoping Madge is the coach to unlock it all on a consistent basis.

He went well, with the highlight being the area that normally lets him down, ball handling.

Spot on. He has destroyed teams before then gone missing. He looks fit this year seemed to get stronger as he spent more time on the paddock. Good sign.

He has played well before, but for me that’s the best I’ve ever seen him. That’s the guy that we’ve seen glimpses of in the past. I hope that’s all we get now.

He needs to played at this level consistently throughout the year. He has the potential but so far not the application. Prove us wrong.

He has had a full pre season this off season

Last year he broke his jaw which interrupted his preparation and did not look fit enough to play in the middle, even allowing for him coming off the bench.
I was impressed by his game last night and his handling was fantastic in such awful conditions.

I hope he can continue to play like this each week as I believe our side needs him and Matterson firing each week bending the line.

Great start to the year.

Aloiai was awesome coming in off the bench, expect him to play next week. I think we will see all our off contract players vying for a new contract play strongly this year and he is one of quiet a few.

Best game i have seen from him.He actually delivered on his potential last night.

Maybe the new coach will get the best from him.

Powerful display last night. Best I have seen from him. I’d keep him coming off the bench - great impact.

Great game last night. I had to check it was him a couple of times as I was second guessing myself that it was actually him. Looked bigger and fitter and played like it.

Played great. There were definitely question marks around him going into last night. He had McQueen and Hooth nipping at his heels. Knowing those things probably motivated him, and we got that out of him. Has cemented his spot on the bench for the short term at the very least.

Amazing game and well done to Madge for having the faith after a very ordinary trial against the Warriors.

We need to persist with players like Aloiai over the likes of Huth and McQueen. Because when they do come good they just have alot more to offer.

Was very strong. I think it helped that he kept it very simple. Lots of work of the middle, nothing fancy, not looking for miracle offloads, no crash balls, just lots of dirty metres made.