Thoughts on Mikaele's debut

  • I am really excited to see the emergence of Mikaele. He always ran hard and tackled hard and that’s what we want in a forward. His stats included 11 runs for 106 meters, 49 post contact meters, 2 offloads, 24 tackles, 0 missed with only the single error. I don’t any reason for him not to be on the bench for the next couple of weeks.

  • Many members here wont be surprised with what he delivered tonight. Really happy he stuck it out with the club and was rewarded on the back of a strong preseason. I know what its like being away from all your friends and family in a different city at a young age.

    Hopefully many more games at the Wests Tigers.

  • His first stint was pretty good and showed what he can do. He’s 2nd stint had multiple errors including giving away a penalty on the 5th tackle and a couple of drop balls. Rookie mistakes. If he can eliminate the errors he will be an outstanding addition to the forward pack.

  • He did well.

    I think we really need to persist with him. Our pack is a bit one dimensional and you noticed the difference Aloiai and Mikaele made off the bench yesterday. Along with Matterson, we finally had a few guys who made some post contact metres (The rest of the pack don’t…).

    Even if he is somewhat raw, we need this dynamic/power style player in our pack as we have very few players like this. Of course we could go for McQueen, Rochow, Clark or whoever that are safer, make less mistakes and will just give us our standard 30 tackles and 100m over 13 hit ups, but they add no spark to the team, which is something we severely lack all over the park.

  • It’s not a question of “if”. He will.

  • I think Madge will continue with him coming off the bench. We will need more size against the warriors next week, expect to see him named.

  • He was really solid. Plenty ahead of him.

  • Solid debut for a young forward. It was a hard game to start in the forwards as a kid and he did well. he will build off that.

  • solid performance

  • Good first up performance if he keeps that level up he will be hard to drop

  • Very pleased with young Tom’s performance. His run meters were great. His positional play on the whole was good and looks a solid defender. Also very impressed with big Alex.

  • Good debut in difficult conditions and it came as no surprise to be honest. In tandem with Aloiai he provided good go forward. Next week will be a bigger test.

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    Already knew my boy was ready.

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    Good to hear the young man did well…look forward to watching him next week…

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    J. Trobojevic was great on D. Everywhere

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