Maguire full of praise for ageless Farah

  • Maguire full of praise for ageless Farah


    Caitlyn Grant


    Sun 17 Mar 2019, 12:47 AM

    Wests Tigers Head Coach Michael Maguire knows hooker Robbie Farah better than most after coaching him previously in his career, but even he simply sat back and smiled at the veteran’s dominant performance in Saturday’s win over Manly.

    Thirty five years young heading in to the game, Farah was a clear standout in Wests Tigers’ come-from-behind victory — grabbing a second half double to lead his side to second on the ladder after the opening round, much to the delight of his coach.

    “He’s just really strong,” Maguire said post-match of his number nine.

    "He’s had an outstanding pre-season off the back of what we’ve been doing and he’s really taken the lead [at training] for many things that we’ve done.

    “He’s done a great job for an old boy, but to the honest, he looked like a young kid out there in the way that he’s just really enjoying his football.”

    “That’s the one thing I get out of the senior guys — they’re just really enjoying what they’re doing and if we’re doing that we’ll keep growing.”

    Match Highlights: Rd.1, Wests Tigers vs. Sea Eagles>

    Match Highlights: Rd.1, Wests Tigers vs. Sea Eagles

    Having grown up as a Leichhardt junior on the famous suburban ground, Farah was at his dynamic best throughout the match and Maguire said it was easy to see why.

    “We had a training run on it throughout the week and I was watching him practice his kicking there and you could see what he was doing,” he reflected.

    "That played its path tonight; he kicked it around the park at the right time.

    "When you create history at the club you become apart of the club forever.

    “You can see it in those boys: Benji [Marshall] and Robbie. It’s about what they can do for the club and that’s just something that’s really stood out to us.”

  • Farah was good, Benji not so much, Liddle will be getting frustrated, and Grub our highest paid player will be livid, but Liddle needs to show some real form, and grub, Christ knows what he needs to do unseat Benji, I would do it this week, but Madge seems to love Benji

  • Reynolds has done aybserloutly nothing to warrant a berth ahead of Benji for mine.

    We have won 13 from 22 games with Benji at 6 since he returned.

    Im baffled by the criticism of him.

  • With you Eddie what’s the criticism of Benji all about. Josh has been told why the team has been selected without him and McGuire has told him what in what areas of the game he needs to improve on. That’s between Josh and the coach, he improves in those areas then and Benji’s form slips I’m sure McGuire will select him. Just because he might be the highest paid player at the club doesn’t entitle him to a First Grade position

  • I’m with you on this. Benji has been good. Last year he did drop off a bit but he is playing better than Reynolds has. He came up with some poor plays yesterday but he was better than Brooks. There is no way I’d be dropping Brooks or Benji at this point.

  • I dont think either Benji or Reynolds are going to take over and win games. As long as Benji manages games and stays away from the big plays he is the better fit. Madge has to find a way to move Reynolds on to the ESL his body won’t hold up to NRL it’s now nearly 2 years since he played consistently in the NRL.

    If we can move on from Reynolds, McQueen, Eiso, ET, Nofa and seriously upgrade we will challenge by next year.

  • Spot on!….

  • simply because Benji is the better #6 for this team than Reynolds…

    Like Buzz is reporting Josh Reynolds was a panic buy by Cleary…huge mistake…

  • I don’t get the comments against Benji. He has been pretty good and Reynolds needs to show that he deserves a spot in first grade.

  • Disagree strongly on ET.

  • Well, he is not going to be able to do that if he can’t get a game in the NRL or ISP.

  • @851:

    but Liddle needs to show some real form


    A lot of us high hopes for Liddle but he has to knuckle down and win this spot. Its not a gift, he has to earn it.

  • Benji will do a job for this year but we need to get Brooks a 5/8 that can do damage moving forward. Reynolds might get there but it’s highly unlikely after so much injury and his reliance on a running game.

  • ET is solid. I might be in the minority but I’d like to see Aloai/Mikalele at lock so we can monster teams through the middle. Our props are good defenders Mats, Packer, Twal.

  • if u have watched the highlights for the magpies game, it looks like he is improving

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