Gus and Voldemort

Gus said in his Podcast that there has been problems with the cultural at Penrith for some time.
Voldemort said before R1 Gus achieved what he needed to at the club. Does he mean the board have got everything they need out of Gus.?
Maybe Penrith will have an unstable year

Gee we could only hope. Would be the kick in the guts that Cleary deserves.

Would be hilarious if Ivan took down Gus from the inside.

Penrith are no certainties to beat Newcastle this week. Round three they play Melbourne. We could be playing them with the motivation to take them 0-4!


Just going to leave this here…

Cleary was signed by the chairman and supported by the board unilaterally. Cleary come out and says Gus job has been done. Gus comes out and praises the Eels and criticises the Panthers after round one.

Love him or hate him Gus has single handedly resuscitated the Panthers but I sense he’s been sidelined and will walk away.

He’d be better off running the NRL. No one more knowledgeable.

@GNR4LIFE In Case you really don’t know a clue. He who cannot be named.

Gus will be coming to the WT’s

Leave the bus big boy ……just BYO Maloney

Yeah he could take Beatties position, and stop embarrassing the game he clearly knows nothing about.


Some reference to Lord of the Rings or something.

Definately not Lord of the Rings

It must be Harry Potter then.

I don’t know I’m not into that magical fantasy type of fiction.

Might be a NRL CEO’s role available soon?



Some reference to Lord of the Rings or something.

Who is that…?