Next coach to get sacked will be...?

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  • Anthony Seibold
  • Ricky Stuart
  • Dean Pay
  • John Morris
  • Garth Brennan
  • Des Hasler
  • Craig Bellamy
  • Stephen Kearney
  • Nathan Brown
  • Paul Green
  • Brad Arthur
  • Ivan Cleary
  • Wayne Bennett
  • Paul McGregor
  • Trent Robinson
  • Michael Maguire

Got to be Arthur at Parra. Squad has not performed well. Terrible recruitment and retention under his watch.

They are making the call on him halfway through the year. Too early to call on that one IMO cos if they up their game now, he won’t be leaving any time soon. Dean Pay on the other hand, like John Morris, he was a backup and won’t be carrying the Bulldogs to any heights any time soon

Right now it looks like Arthur or Pay and the only reason I voted Pay was Dogs got flogged in round 1 and Eels won.

Brennan. Dogs will be lucky to attract anyone given their ongoing cap constraints

McGregor. Dragons are terrible

Terribke is not a strong enough word. He signed Corey Norman for god sake. He’s overdue for being sacked

If Mary keeps persisting with switching his 1,6,7,9 it might be him.

Considering the cattle they have, then yeah. They would be kicking arse with a decent coach. Mind you they did that with Mary at the helm last year, though ended up falling away as usual. I also think the De Belin saga would be affecting the team somewhat.

If I was Mary I’d be punting Widdop now. He’s the captain and it seems like he’s already wishing he was back in England.

He certainly backed away and lacked commitment when moving towards a grubber tonight. He avoided the collision rather than attack the ball.

Did you see him after the game? Laughing and carrying on like the loss meant nothing to him. Dufty should be their fullback it’s crazy the minutes he’s getting.

No I didn’t but it’s one of my pet hates in the current game. This whole back-slapping your best mate after the game and cracking jokes is so overrated. Imagine Blocker or Dallas doing that!

Arthur really has no great pan or persona. Guy is a myth and will be found out eventually.


Guy is a myth and will be found out eventually.

His saving grace is that he’s employed by the biggest bunch of morons on the planet. Two more wins and he’ll get an upgrade, an extension, a statue and a grandstand named after him.

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