Benji still learning thanks to new mentor Maguire

Benji still learning thanks to new mentor Maguire Darcie McDonaldBig League


Thu 21 Mar 2019, 07:01 AM

Despite more than a decade in the NRL, Wests Tigers veteran Benji Marshall said he’s learned more in a pre-season with new coach Michael Maguire than he has in his entire career.

The 34-year-old told Big League Maguire’s coaching method has revitalised the playing squad.

“I can’t speak highly enough of him because I’ve actually learnt more in this past pre-season than I have for years,” Marshall said.

"There were a lot of nerves amongst the squad when we knew ‘Madge’ was coming.

“His reputation and the way he trains people is quite hard so a lot of guys were fearful about how hard training was going to be.”

Maguire made a point of letting the players know the harsh reality that it’s exactly how their rivals train and win.

“He broke it down for us and said ‘I know this is hard, but this is the normal way at successful clubs’. He’s brought in this element of training to the club that’s been a whole new level that we haven’t reached in the past,” Marshall said.

"The good thing about Madge is that he’s really open and honest about everything.

“He’s given an honest account of where we’re at and an honest account of where we need to get to. I thought throughout pre-season that he brought a real mental toughness and an edge to what we need to do to have a big season this year.”

Learning what? How to throw bullet passes in the wet to players at the line?


Learning what? How to throw bullet passes in the wet to players at the line?

Looks like Brooks learnt the same thing then.

Maybe it’s just the first coach he’s bothered to listen to.

we won but still like to throw knives…lol

Onya Benji…

Benji could throw knives and never hit anyone.

As an underhand dig at Cleary this is great.

Benji the scarecrow …
Outstanding on the field

he is not a big hit at the circus

I’d hate to be watching him from the third row😜

Nice ass kissing Benji. No you won’t get another season for puckering up to Madge.

It’s amazing how some people throw dirt at a bloke for giving his opinion on what the new coach has brought to the club.

Just another fluff article really …… pretty sure he said the same kinda thing this time last year too. His second half saved him last week, hopefully he plays second fiddle to Brooks this week.
Time your plays Benji———I’ll take quality over quantity this week please.

The scary comment was when Madge says this is normal way at successful clubs

Shows how far we must have been behind

@happy_tiger The good thing is that we are not anymore. We have a coach who wants to win a premiership and knows what is needed to do it.

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