Balmain saved from brink of extinction with new leagues club to come

Great news …
About bloody time !

Usually go to wenty leagues since it’s just down the road from me to watch our games. Will definitely be going to Wests Ashfield from now on.

Balmain leagues did hold a very special gaming licence with potential for casino games. Roulette etc. Not sure if that’s still in place.
I remember going to a meeting before it closed down and that’s what kept the value of the prized site.
They held the licence long before there was even a casino in Sydney.

I suppose this would mean they now run the two previously operational Tigers clubs? Or were they closed with the administration never to return?


I suppose this would mean they now run the two previously operational Tigers clubs? Or were they closed with the administration never to return?

Five Dock was closed by the Administrator, Flemington, which is making money, will now be run by Wests Ashfield.

Well as a Balmain Boy, who joined the Ashfield club to show solidarity, I salute them. They didn’t have to do it and I don’t care if their motive is simply a business case that is doable, it helps keep the name alive and I for one are grateful.


One thing I’ll also add, anyone who now raises any Balmain v Wests rubbish is not a true supporter

X 2 agreed

Thx to leadership of Wests Ashfield.

Your generational approach to strategy and decisions of late are sucuring the future of our great joint venture.

Imagine fellow tragics in a few years when we have a bevy of leagues clubs across sydney supporting the community and our football club.



That’s fantastic!!!

Looks like Wests moved sooner than required …the best news from this is the taking over of Balmain’s debt to the NRL…

Funding Balmain Juniors is also a massive plus…Wests Tigers aren’t going anywhere…

The big thing for West’s Ashfield, will they be able to develope a successful leagues club in Rozell. The demographics of the area have well and truely changed since they last had their doors open and they will not have droves of people heading to the gaming room like in Ashfield.
They are very smart operators at Ashfield so I guess they will have a business plan in place for Rozell….just hope it’s a winner

Hello from sunny, hot Rio!
Just caught up to the news …. v proud of West’s Magpies side of the venture demonstrating solidarity and long term commitment to the partnership.
It’s the right thing and great way to pay back the debt raised when Balmain ignored Parramatta joint venture overtures to support us all those years back … when the Magpies were almost dead and buried.
This just adds to solid foundations to what is becoming the impressive rebuild of two foundation clubs into what could become an strong, financially secure and geographically well supported powerhouse.

The important thing here is that it seems like the JV partners are obviously committed to this club, now the fans ought to be as well.

Should have known it wasn’t going to be so simple


I’m sure I’ve read this same article, with the same quotes from Byrne at least 5 times since this whole debacle started.

Good on Wests Ashfield for stepping in, as others have said I hope that this proves to be a strong business decision, rather than an act of sympathy or sentiment.

If the new club does get up and running, Benny Elias should receive a life ban immediately for the mess he created.

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