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  • Screenshot_20190322-080527|281x500

    This morning I log on to the forum to
    Find its changed on my fone, now very small (see image)
    I have to expand with my fingers and kee
    Moving the screen around, it was good
    Previously I’m not sure why it changed
    Is there anything I can do to make this
    A bit more easier for myself?

  • Are you using Chrome on your phone Ink?

    I have a Google phone and mine is fantastic with the forum. Moulds very well with it.

    Might be settings you can adjust the font size, I’m pretty sure you can do it on the desktop version of the site?

  • Banned

    I’m on Android device and don’t have the same issues Ink. Check settings…

  • Alrighty Ink, had a look on mine mate.

    Hit your little avatar on the top right, and it should pop up with a side bar. On the top right you’ll see a little settings cog, hit that and then the drop down menu that says account, hit that and hit interface, then you will find the text size drop down menu which allows you to select size.

    Have a crack at that, hope it helps.

  • Thanks guys…. Seems to have corrected itself since this morning… Good info for future reference

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