Paul Gallen Retires

And will slide straight into a channel Nine position. It won’t be the last we’ll see of this cheating swine.

No role model there. I fail to understand the attraction media outlets find in this bloke; other than the odd defence of the indefensible.

Well there goes one player that is not a roll model to the game of RL.

See Ya Pep Tide Gal. You won’t be missed.

One of the biggest sooks in the game. It’s a shame the NRL didn’t wipe the 2016 title.

These blokes think they’re bigger than the game. Why the big fanfare. Just announce it at the end of the season - or does he want weekly tributes like Thurston got?

The supposed statue should include a syringe hanging out of the thigh

Tired of the rollercoaster ride apparently

The …tide is going out!

Is that a peptide?

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