Referees 2019

I am loving the new attitude of referees. Noticed last night and also so far tonight, refs are calling tries if they are confident! Fantastic. Great for the game and great for refs as well as they make decisions on instinct again.

Now, watch Ashley Klown go to the video for EVERY ONE of our tries on Sunday.

I’m not convinced. Just letting the usual suspects get away with that little bit extra with this no penalty policy. Watching storm v raiders and the wrestle and leg tangle is well and truly back. Crickets from the referees on that.

Otherwise, the quick try calls and generally get on with it attitude is better.

Me too, have hardly seen the bunker so far.

I’d rather them decide on ground too because fan favourite Henry peranara is now in the bunker I believe……👍👍the new try symbol


Now, watch Ashley Klown go to the video for EVERY ONE of our tries on Sunday.

I hope he goes 15 times…

And I can hear him now: “I’ve got no try. Check onside, grounding, knock forward, touch in goal”

How many times did we have to watch the knock on in the no try after the siren in broncos/cowboys game last night? The decision was a non event and yet we sat through what seemed like an age. As for the penalty for throwing the ball out. lol

Yes that was a joke and complete waste of time, making tired players go through that crap! Idiot Atkins at ‘look at me’ best.

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