It could be the first time the Tigers finish the round in 1st postion

First time in regular season finish the round in first place

We’ve never won our first 3 games, I would like to break that record too.

Now that is a beautiful sight.
We look good at the top, let’s stay there

The first time in the clubs history to lead the Comp after any round ….

Friggin marvellous !!!

We do have a good early draw.
1st game LO. R2 &3 both at Cambo

Was just about to post this.

Well done. The next milestone would be to keep a team to zilch.

I’m going to give an unexpected shoutout to Cleary.
Thanks for helping the club become more professional, especially on the field.

And an even bigger thank you for leaving.

Last years efforts were based on scramble, effort, desperation.

This year the good start is based on control, power, class and patience. I hope it proves more sustainable than the 2018 success and feel very proud of the club.

It is only round 2 but you can’t do more than be first and the attack, given the conditions, has been excellent.

It was only 3 weeks ago that a good percentage of posters had us as a miserable failure for the year. Quick, cut the nooses down and revive those that suffer premature eradication.

Hail to the bus driver, bus driver, bus driver,
Hail to the bus driver, bus driver man

Look at the Roosters the best teams get better as the season progresses. Let’s aim to achieve that this season.

Can someone please make a sign for round 4: “Ivan Who?” Would love to see it being waved high in black, white and gold at Penrith park.

Gotta put my hand up here. I admit I was one of them.
The Tigers have done this to us many times before - looking good early on in the season and then fading badly, breaking our hearts the process.
(Where’s Juro when you need his curve?!?!)

Having said that, it is hard not to be inspired by these two performances.

Fingers crossed they weren’t flukes.

What did you see from this line-up on paper and the trial that gave you hope of our current form?

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