Defence in 2019

I think this deserves a mention…

Love the way this team is defending so far…it is different from last year …yes were were good early on last season but it was on the back of mainly scrambling…

We are attacking teams with our D something longed for from this Wests Tigers fan…

Apart from the Warriors TRY I don’t recall them making a line break…our pack has bettered both Manly and a big Warriors team…

Only 2 Tries conceded makes it a lot easier to win football games,

Well done Maguire and the coaching staff and Well done Wests Tigers…keep it up…

Yeah I was thinking the same. Don’t recall the Warriors getting one clean line break. I hope they can keep it up throughout the season. Congratulations to all involved with the team. They are playing as a cohesive unit rather than a few brilliant individuals.

Hit and stick. We are getting better contact and wrestling rather than allowing tackle busts and scrambling. It burnt us out in attack last year. Madge won’t let it happen again.

When Souths won the comp under Madge, there defence was a attacking weapon. I saw signs of that today, great first up contact. Good signs, but as my mate said tonight at the game, we have to win all the games against the mid table and below teams and jag a few against the gun team.

As soon as I read we’d practiced wrestling all off season I knew we’re on the right track. It negated the strength and size advantage that the Warriors had over us today… Still a long, long way to go but we are on the right track.

Definitely a noticeable improvement over last season, and even then it was quite decent. Only thing is it seemed to be more about the attitude in defence that made it what it was, and it was hard fought. Now it looks like some skill and true cohesiveness has been added to the mix and it’s gone to another level.

Better shape out wide too - much better at coming up then adjusting based on the play.

We are definitely hitting and sticking more often with our first up contact

Real test will come when opposition sides have an even share of possession over 80 minutes

Early days …. but signs are positive.

first,our kick chase has been great along with that consistently and you will look good defensively.
big advantage when you can smother a kick returner and force one out runs play after play.

madge has this team playing the basics very well so far.

I think this is a good point. We are playing excellent early season football. High completions, straight line, fast moving defence, good ball control. As we progress into April/May, our game needs to lift - especially attack as opposition defences tighten and gel.
After seeing what Maguire has done so far I’m not prepared to suggest we can’t do this!

In both our games we have used the conditions far better than our opponents and it shows.I havent seen our defence sting the opponents like this since the days of Wok Ryan.
Madge has done a superb job so far in making the team demand respect from the other teams now we have to make them fear us.

We are dominating often in tackles 1&2 which limits the opposition sets… It really puts a dent in their momentum.
I think the refs are ruling the ruck different again this year… Seem to be allowing defenders more time on tackled player… But I’m loving this defensive attitude so far… Keep it up boys

this defence in 2019 is awesome… it looks 10x more refined than our signature ‘scramble’ defence last year imo

It’s physical and it’s dominating. We are getting teams on their back (most of the time). That makes a huge difference in play the ball speed. Something a lot of us have been crying out for years. Being down close to the field yesterday gives you a true appreciation just how bloody big that Warriors side is.

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