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  • I’m happy to be saying this because I’ve been critical of him in the past but last year Brooks really started becoming the player we needed him to be.

    From what I’ve seen of him so far it looks like he’s continuing on from where he left off, his defense is possibly the best of any half in the comp and I think it’s the thing that he’s building his confidence on.

    Really liking what I’m seeing from Brooks and hope he has another big year, I actually think he can put the pressure on Cleary for the blue no7, I’d love nothing more than that.

  • Yes agree and he will be a excellent player for years to come…
    Might just be me but he seems to be the 2nd option and not first so far because it is running through Farah and Benji most of the time. When he does get involved he looks very dangerous

  • he has started taking the line on more himself which is good

  • Best defensive half in the game. The fastest half in the game. Remaining parts of his game not too shabby either.

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    I just watched the replay …Brandy Alexander commentating on Brooks game said he has kept the defence honest with his running keeping them guessing…interesting comment I thought…

  • Really starting to grow into a very good footballer.

  • he seems to be like a five eigth now looks great running the ball

  • The pass he put MCK through a gap to score was sublime. A couple of years ago he would have drilled it but the way he held it up demonstrated how much he has come on. Look at the tackles he got through as well and you realise how hard he works for the team.

  • He isn’t playing as well as last season but he has been very solid and you can’t complain about that

  • taking a while to get started like he did last year, he’ll go to another level come the end of the season (hopefully in September)

  • It is all about fitness… He looks very fit and in the past that has not been the case

  • We kept the right one of the “Big 4”?

    Certainly in terms of defence, I cannot recall another player who has gone from quite a liability to an absolute rock in defence in just 2 seasons.

  • well we don’t have James Tedesco, but we have the next best.

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