It makes me feel sick: Benji slams idea of relocating Wests Tigers as he calls for second NZ side

Benji Marshall says the idea of relocating the Wests Tigers makes him feel sick amid continued speculation his club would be moved across the country. The Tigers have been mooted as one potential side to be moved to Brisbane or Perth as the NRL looks to expand. But speaking on NRL360 on Fox League earlier this evening, defended the Tigers and says any move makes him feel uncomfortable.

Marshall hit out at the NRL, saying: “It makes me a feel a bit sick. Relocation just doesn’t sit well with me and I know how passionate people are about our club.

“I would hate to see that happen to any Sydney club. I’m more in for expansion, Manly would be in a similar position. The Sea Eagles’ Joel Thompson, who joined Marshall on the panel and whose club is often mentioned as one potential relocation candidate, said: “To see them relocate the club would be heartbreaking. I think expanding would be the best option.

We’re crying out for a second team, at the moment everyone goes for the Warriors. I think down south — whether Christchurch or Wellington would be good, judging by how much Kiwi talent is coming through the ranks

Time to relocate Greenberg


Time to relocate Greenberg

…to Jupiter

Too close, pluto, much smaller and colder

It’s simple.
Get rid of the Titans (no team from the Gold Coast has ever made a go of it and they’re just making up the numbers).
Next The Warriors… can’t recall New Zealand ever becoming a state of Australia, and it’s called The NRL.
Another team in QLD and one in Perth and we’re away!

For the lofe of me i cant understand why we are being mentioned with manly and cronulla as the most likely teams to relocate. I could understand if it were a few years ago when our board seemed to constantly be at each other and could’nt get anything positive done. But times have changed for us were much more stable our boardroom are working as one after 20 years weve got a center of excellence onthe way and not to mention the most important part we were only one of three teams who made money last year. It makes no sense to me.

The media love us we are linked to anything and everything. We were easily the most mentioned club in 2018 in news articles. We get mentions in articles nothing to do with us.


…to Jupiter

Is Uranus full…?

Marina Go would dispute the “working as one” arguement she had 2 traitors working behind her back undermining her position

Why not use Uranus ….Sabre might be using his for better things

Given the language he’s using, it seems inevitable that we are the ones on the chopping block no matter the recent turn of fortunes. Our extensive history at sucking and infighting could seal our fate.

Its going to simply come down to the WT’s meeting whatever the new KPI’s that the NRL enforces once the we sign the new agreement

The hardest KPI to meet could be a performance driven KPI but then I guess it comes down to us performing on field which in reality I could live with

Maybe all the Sydney sides should refuse to sign the new agreement …

That would leave the NRL looking like jackasses (again )

It will be the standard process. No strings agreements with the preferred clubs, and other forced to meet strict criteria

It’ll have to be the same agreement across the board and I’d imagine it will be done at a pre season CEO’s meeting

No one would be that stupid to let them be signed separately


Is Uranus full…?

I don’t swing that way, sorry Geo.

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