2019 Breakout Superstars & Debutants

How good has Luke Garner been? And Mikaele making his debut. Share your thoughts on the Tigers’ 2019 Breakout superstars and debutants.

I was at the game on Sunday night and was really impressed with Garner. I think he has got a bit bigger in the off season. Makes great contact in defence and runs the tough lines. As much as I love Rowdy I would love to see Garner on that edge all season.

Garner was the guy I was most looking forward to watching develop this year. So far he hasn’t disappointed. He has it all. Hits hard, good work ethic, is looking to run great lines, and building a nice little partnership with Brooks.
Suddenly, our back row stocks are certainly looking good with Lawrence still to come back. Very good times ahead for these Tigers.
Mikaele is also making every post a winner. Really liking the look of this kid. A must to be re-signed.

This post is deleted!

Breakout Superstar, no, I won’t go that far, but definitely a breakthrough couple of games for Aloiai. Has been hitting the line harder, both with and without the ball, with his work at marker and in the ruck even more improved.

Saving the best for last, it is his ball handling and security that has gone ahead in leaps and bounds. Impressive results of a good off-season thus far and long may it continue.

Garner doing well also, but WT needed something dynamic and Josh is providing that.

I agree Josh seemed to be a 50/50 proposition when a ball was passed to him but this year he has improved massively

if onyl nofo could bring his form back


if onyl nofo could bring his form back

In what way…?

Let’s see how Mikaele is stacking up numbers wise against the current flavour of the month in TPJ…

TPJ (3 games)
139 post contact metres in 438 metres run (31.7% of metres made post contact)
15.3 hitups/game for an average 146.1 metres (9.54m/run)

Mikaele (2 games)
83.9 post contact metres in 198 metres run (42.3% of metres made post contact)
9.5 hitups/game for an average 99 metres (10.42m/run)

…looking pretty good!

What about dirty metres out of his own end, that’s right they don’t count.

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