Maguire: "It's a kick in the backside for us"

Disappointed with his side’s performance, Maguire said that handling errors were the biggest contributing factor the final result in favour of the Bulldogs."

“The way the Bulldogs played, they completed and put the pressure back on us,” Maguire said. "Obviously, that’s what we’ve been doing the past couple of weeks so there’s a couple of good lessons in there for our boys about what you need to do to maintain consistency in the competition, week-in and week-out. After we spoke at half-time, in the second half they came out and dropped the ball three times in the first five sets. You’re not going to put pressure on if you’re doing that and made nine errors, definitely not the way we planned to play.”

“It’s disappointing to lose but it’s a kick in the backside for us about what’s required to compete at the highest of levels for this competition,” he said. That’s why teams who stay at the top do it consistently. We’ve got to make sure that if we want to be a team that finishes at the pointy end, we’ve got to be consistent.

“You’re got to turn up every game, it’s as simple as that in this competition.

"It’s shown from history last year and the year before that the competition gets tighter and tighter and if you at all think that a team isn’t going well, you’ve got to execute and make those plays against every team you come up against.

The start to the second half was terrible, and Brooks was a big part of that, these players are seriously mentally weak

No excuse madge….you basically have a bog average squad…unfortunately you have inherited this mob from Cleary…your forwards wouldn’t put a dent in a jelly, your halves are clueless, your backs are slow as hell , going to be a long year madge

Hopefully this rev up from Madge is the inspiration they need for Friday’s game against Panthers.


Finally a coach with the ability to put them all in their place. For too long we have been soft. At least now we a premiership winning coach with a passion and anger to drag these players to a higher level.

Best thing this club has ever done hiring him!

Body language out on the field today was poor - the Bulldogs were the complete opposite, they had heaps of energy in the warmup and I knew straight away we were in for a tough game. It’s just a shame the Tigers failed to go with them, we lost energy after the dogs first try and just looked downright disinterested aside from half a dozen players you could see were clearly trying.

This year should see the clean out of all clean outs … if there was ever a time that a team needed a clean out the Tigers are it . No big fuss as there are heaps off contract and heaps need to be punted ! The coach is locked in now for the personnel!


This year should see the clean out of all clean outs … if there was ever a time that a team needed a clean out the Tigers are it . No big fuss as there are heaps off contract and heaps need to be punted ! The coach is locked in now for the personnel!

Im all for a clean out but before we do that we need to apply the blow torch to the ones we have. was great to see Maguire rip into them at full time

Its up to the players to respond now. Maguire wont be one of these guys to talk with no action. if he doesnt like them he will drop them. if they have any talent they will respond to him.

I don’t get this. Totally weird game where the dogs were playing fast footy and we had first tackle defense but couldn’t handle the second or third offload.
Plus our damn errors.

I was thinking we should have swapped Reynolds into this game. Give him a chance to go up against his old club and put a bit of spark into it.

Lets see what Madge does. This is going to be one really weird season.

Good. I hope Maguire ripped stripes off of them. I’m sick of putting up with reserve grade performances against a side well below them. Disgusting.

Got a feeling we’ll be getting another kick in the backside next week.

Penrith will be hungry, we’d want to be on our game

Yes we don’t have a top notch squad and there are things we need to do to get there but …… Really? What was your post about our performance over the last 2 weeks when they were winning?
Show me a team that does not have this sort of loss at some stage of the season.
And … Yes we don’t have the hardened win, win mentality and consistency of the Melbourne squad but they also will have losses like this to face.
But don’t sook and call everything crap as soon as things don’t fall into place. That’s sport mate … you take the good with the bad.

As usual our players listen to the press and backslappers and think they are a lay down misere for a premiership

I hope Madge has a serious look at the selection table

You could see this coming from a mile away …and I bet yet again we will rue this game in around 23 weeks time

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