Game 3 Analysis

Hi Team

Tough one to take and a lot to look at so here is my take on the game.

1. Mbye - Im not sure if he is hampered by injury or not, but he really has minimal impact in both defence and attack. He does run it back hard but has little impact in our set pieces. One plus is he doesnt pass bad passes on i suppose. If im honest i was more impressed with thommo at the back even though it was a small smaple size.

2. Fonua - Love his attitude and effort. Consistently doing the dirty work and doesn’t shirk anything he needs to do. Scored a really impressive try. I think he is much safer then previous years although it isnt really that hard. Bad defensive read on one play but overall ok.

3. Jennings - Im not convinced he is fit. For mine he plays like a winger. Does some hard stuff out of our end but doesn’t seem to posses the skill set i think he needs as a centre.

4. Marsters - The kid is devastating and could well be one of the best centres in the nrl. However some of his mistakes today were unforgivable. 2 play the balls and some defensive reads made what should have been a solo monster game a very ordinary one. Also we need his gk to improve i understand todays wind made it hard but we hit one or two and we have a sniff today.

5. Thompson - Honestly if there is a bloke with a bigger heart kicking about i have not seen it. He gives everything every game and makes minimal mistakes in any aspect of the game. Our most consistent player period. Every week i think he will have trouble with height or strength of his opponents and every week he exceeds. I think the reason i was so impressed at full back is his ability to back up which was lacking today.

6. Marshall - I will get crucified for this but we are better when he is first receiver imo. He was quiet tonight and i felt we improved when matto went in to the halves. But with him and farrah in control we have looked solid. Today however wasnt his best and i still think he struggles defensively.

7. Brooks - I think brooks made an effort to dominate the ball today and i think it backfired massively. He was extremely vocal if you watch the game. I thought he has been decent to start the year as our second option. His defense is significantly improved. However he single handly changed the momentum in this game with his forced passes. Honestly he was lucky there wasnt another 3 dropped balls i counted on review with horrible passes to cheekam and matto.

8. Matulino - Im a huge fan and i have to be honest i think he is on life support. He hasnt been hitting hard in defence and is virtually non existent on offense. It hurts to say but ill be surprised if he is in first grade by mid season. Playing limited minutes and just isn’t impactful in those minutes.

9. Farah - Thought he was ok today defended like a soldier. He seemed to defer a lot to brooks considerably more then last few weeks. Didnt offer a lot in attack but like most of our forwards i think he was gassed. Has created alot of our attacking chances to date so hopefully this was just an blip on his radar.

10. Twal - I feel this is the best move Madge has made period. He has been excellent nearly every minute he has played for us. So so impressive. Our no1 forward imo. Good to see he is gradually working up the amount of minutes as well. I feel like next year he will be our 13.

11. Matterson - Consistent always plays well is effective both defensively and offensively. I feel like we looked sharper when he went to 6 as well. Twal, garner and Matto are definitely our future.

12. Garner - Very noticeable when he left the field. I feel like his defence on the edge may have been under rated. He hits hard and runs solid yards. Did awesome to come back on after being injured. One of our betters in limited minutes.

13. Taylor - I have been hugely critical of ET over the course of his time here. Under madge he is really attempting to change the issues he has. He is head down running hard which we havent seen until this year. We all know what he brings offensively. I thought he was under used tonight can do 80 and we would have been using more of him and less of mikalele.

14. Packer - Madge has worked him out. Forget passing, jinking etc just run hard and straight. IMO one of our better forwards this year. I also think he has over 100m in a game more times this season then last. Could use a few extra minutes in a game like today i thought but he is playing well.

15. Mikaele _ still a huge fan. Played ok again tonight but seemed really gassed which led to a try to the Dogs. Solid impact needs his minutes managed still i think though.

16. Aloiai - Been our best forward aruably the last 2 weeks. Struggled to find the same impact this week but worked hard in all areas.

17. Chee Kam - A solid impact player but struggled with the amount of work load today. Lose defensively on the edge and progressively less impactful running the ball. Worked hard but we will struggle if he is starting on an edge.

Overall i think our forwards gassed pretty quickly must have been hot i guess. I also thought we lacked some effort in getting off our defensively line. We put little to know pressure on Lewis all game. We can only improve and considering the amount of ball we dropped we did ok.

Im also glad Madge sprayed them i like that in a coach.

Good post I agree with pretty much all of it…saved some typing…

Good points OP.

The amount of ball we dropped was very disappointing.

Good summation i agree with most of it.Error rate was very disappointing

do we look at Mmbye as the 14 and bringing Momorovski in to centres and thompson to fullback

Good Post. The amount of errors/dropped ball was very disappointing. Not sure how we fix it, was an issue last year too.

I don’t think one bad game demands to many wholesale changes. It’s a great reality check for all the players in the 17 that 2 wins don’t make a season.

Hopefully this is where we see the differences with having a premiership winning coach.

Fantastic analysis. Honest and not emotional.

Shouldnt Marsters be playing left centre?

Shouldn’t Jennings be a left winger?

Shouldn’t Benji retire already?

Shouldn’t Brooks be better by now?

Isnt Mybe the best 5/8 in this squad?

Fairly good honest assessment. Agree with most of your comments.

Think that few changes should be made - but if serious.

Jennings, Mbye and Marshall (excuse of injury could be used) should be dropped.
The three of them have been very ordinary for the last two weeks, you shouldn’t get a chance to make it three in a row.

Momirovski for Jennings.
Thompson for Mbye.
Nofoaluma for Thompson
Reynolds for Marshall.

Dont always agree with you but i think you are spot on this time.The cudgel has to be applied and they would be my 4 targets

Well Canterbury-Bankstown made 5 changes so it does have merit to do it. However I think it will be an unchanged side with probably the addition of Reynolds. Possibly the huth aswell imo

agree with almost everything in there

I think Jennings has been average and lazy since he got here. If he plays it should be on the wing, and he need to do more work