Panthers boss Cleary not keen to talk Tigers but this week is personal

Don’t care about the score I want to see a violent game.

Sure that I wrote SOO in there, but this Samsung has a mind of it’s own sometimes and I end up with all sorts of stuff tha tg I have to edit if I can be bothered.

Ivan wont be out on the paddock, I’d rather WT speaks with a win.

This is not about what the WTs can do. It’s about what we can do for the WTs

Hope not. As much as I’d like to see the golden child getting smacked around a bit, I believe Madge will have the energy focused on getting the win.

I’m hearing their will be a few fans with a get on the Bang Bus banner. Pity I’m in QLD on Friday I’m cursing I won’t be at this game.

We have something better than a bus. We have a Coach !!!


Get on the Bang Bus?

A reference to the Riff’s sex tape strife I’d say



Get on the Bang Bus?

A reference to the Riff’s sex tape strife I’d say

Plenty on the bus it’s the tip of the iceberg.

It’s what the professionals do in big games. You see this alot come Origin, finals times, and big match ups or with big coaches. It’s no coincidence.

I’m glad they feel so threatened by us. If we lose this, WT will be very disappointed, but we will be back. If Penrith lose, their whole coach and recruitment comes under scrutiny. Pressure is on them here, big time.

Yep, was fun while it lasted but im now sick of the way the media is beating up this game.

Next point of interest is who is taking a good sign out to Penrith?

Lol gone are the days of our one word posts or simple emoticon responses 😂

It’s a clever play to put psychological pressure on us. We often don’t win the games we are meant to when there is an expectation and something to play for. I’m hoping Madge is keeping cool heads in the dressing room and treating this like any other game. There is more at stake in this one than embarrassing Ivan. He’s already embarrassed by the whole Penrith situation by his own admission a couple of weeks ago.

I love it Geo. I would happily sacrifice one of our forwards if they were to take Cleary out of the game.

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