FEATURE Why Panthers said no to Bennett and yes to Cleary in NRL coaching shake-up

  • I think Maloney should be our focus. Cleary doesn’t seen that dangerous to me.

  • Smash 'em both I’d say.

  • I agree Maloney is the bigger danger because at his best he is devastating,the good news is at his worst he is diabolical.I would hope Madge is going to apply the blowtorch to Maloney

  • Any coincidence that the coach that Gould wanted is 3-0 and the coach O’Neill wanted is 1-2 and then this all comes out

    Gould as usual wants to come up smelling like roses and provide a distraction to the week

  • Does anyone really believe anything Gould says?

  • @TYGA:

    master media play by the old coach. Coincidence this broke after a bad start to the season, game against the Tigers and Bennett on a 3 game winning streak. They are imploding unprofessionally Panthers usually are well run and keep things in house. Gus has built that entire club.

    In saying that I dont trust him, I would certainly welcome him at the Tigers for a few years.

  • Ivan is so lucky we don’t have a home game against them this year. It would have been one of the greatest, if not greatest ever beat down on a coach in NRL history.

    The crowd would have been savage, especially if it were at Leichhardt and you can get right up in their faces.

    I wonder how much Penrith paid to make sure our home game against them was scheduled in Brisbane?

  • Something that hasn’t been mentioned is that Bennett had agreed to coach the Wests Tigers and it was mutually agreed that when the Broncos weren’t going to release Bennett for 2019 the deal was annulled because Wests Tigers wanted Bennett there and then and he was unable guarantee that he could coach WTS in 2019 but would be available 2020 this didn’t
    suit WTS and the deal was over and the search continued with Madge being appointed some how I think it all worked out well for WTS and we dodged a bullet not getting Nathan with his dad in charge I think his team mates feel he’s not one of the boys having daddy in charge and he may be on the outer it will be interesting how the season pan’s out for Penriff

  • Bennett agreed to coach all clubs at seems.

    Im glad Madge is here.

    He is the perfect mentor for us in these next fee years

  • That was the one game I was most looking forward to all year. And the NRL knew it was a big game for WT, there’s no way that was a coincidence in shafting us.

    For those that haven’t checked, we do have a home game vs Penrith this year, and it’s the round we all play in Brisbane.

  • $1 million per season to do nothing: Why Gus is set to walk out on Penrith after political coup - FOX SPORTS Australia

  • Wow. Doesnt sound pretty out there at Penrith. I wonder if Gould will just walk away or stick around and make things hard for Ivan. Hopefully they dont have a Gould sex tape, that will do me.

  • @Tcat:

    Wow. Doesnt sound pretty out there at Penrith. I wonder if Gould will just walk away or stick around and make things hard for Ivan. Hopefully they dont have a Gould sex tape, that will do me.

    Shark Park not far From Caringbah Hotel and TAB.

  • Nup. Oh well.

    Shire bound? Sharks plan to poach Gould from Penrith

    April 3, 2019 7:18pm
    Penrith Panthers general manager Phil Gould could land at Cronulla.Source: AAP
    Cronulla has approached Phil Gould to take over their football operations, according to Fox Sports’ chief NRL reporter James Hooper.
    It’s been revealed this week the one-time respected NRL and Origin coach has been essentially frozen out of his role as football boss at Penrith.

    Having tried to poach Wayne Bennett to the club last year, Gould was overruled by the chairman and instead the Panthers brought Ivan Cleary back to the foot of the mountains.)
    elationship between Gould and Cleary is said to be frosty since the t later from the Penrith coaching role four years ago.
    Phil Rothfield told Macquarie Sports Radio he believes Gould will quit his role at the Panthers before the season is out.

    “As it sits at the moment they are just some behind the scenes conversat,” l
    revealed on NRL 360.

    Sharks chase Gould?
    “The Sharks powerbrokers have been having some significant discussions behind the scenes.”

    NRL 360 co-host Paul Kent believes Gould was approached by the Sharks but has, to date, declined their offer.

    Gould lives in the Shire and the club is looking for someone to run their football operations in the wake of being caught for salary cap infringements and penalised by the NRL.

    Penrith legend and current director Greg Alexander moved to quell the noise around Gould and the Panthers when he appeared on NRL 360 later in the program.

    Alexander said he was speaking to Gould at training earlier this week and believes it’s not as bad as is being made out.

  • Love it, Cleary’s nearly took our club down…now he is bringing Riff down

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