Ponga to go back to fullback

  • https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/04/01/kalyn-ponga-to-return-to-fullback-this-week/
    Nathan Brown got a good ole wack in the head and called an end to the experiment, for now anyway. He shoulda swapped him back ages ago

  • That experiment didn’t last long…

  • Should never have been moved to 5/8 in the first place.

  • He will still end up as a 6 …it just takes time

    Unfortunately for him and the Knights at this stage they dont’ have the time or the players around him

    Biggest problem is the Knights don’t have a half decent 9

  • Makes you wonder, Ponga has obviously spent his whole pre-season playing at 6, then after 2 games he gets moved back either because he’s not ready yet, or that FB replacement is rubbish (bit of both)?

    I’m sure the Knights are reconsidering why they let Meaney go in favour of starting 2019 with Ponga at 5/8th and Connor Watson at FB.

    Same as the Bulldogs who dumped several players after just 2 games - you have to wonder what that says about their pre-season, that the pre-season output made the coach pick a certain lineup which he then was forced to dump after 2 matches. Either the coach doesn’t really know what he’s doing, or there is a massive difference between the pre-season plan they followed and actual matches against actual opposition.

  • I was thinking exactly the same thing but I think the decision was basically made for Brown now that Watson has been injured.

    Regarding the Bulldogs, that’s why I thought we’d roll them. Making so many changes after just 2 games shows a lack of confidence.

  • Agreed…Far to young and inexperienced to be put in that position.

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