Penrith Team

1. Dylan EDWARDS
3. Dean WHARE
4. Waqa BLAKE

6. James MALONEY
7. Nathan CLEARY

8. James TAMOU
9. Sione KATOA
11. Viliame KIKAU
12. Isaah YEO

14. Wayde EGAN
16. Moses LEOTA
17. Hame SELE

18. Liam MARTIN
19. Tim GRANT
20. Jarome LUAI

If I was a Penrith player I would change my surname to Cleary and make adoption enquiries.

There’s enough talent in that squad to knock us over comfortably if they turn up to play.


There’s enough talent in that squad to knock us over comfortably if they turn up to play.

Games aren’t won on paper…


Games aren’t won on paper…

We have a habit of playing teams back into form, Penrith is the type of team who could really hurt us if we don’t show the same intent and resilience as the first two rounds.

They’ll be desperate

Tic Tac Toe is won on paper

How can you be desperate with a team like that?

This post is deleted!

They normally hurt us out wide, so our centres need to tackle ball and all and our wingers need to stay on their man. It is going to be tough, but we have the motive to beat them and send a message to “The Bludger”.

What a team. They are up there with the Roosters.

What should not be forgotten is this team on paper that is playing this week is expected to finish top four and a grand final Beth …this is as good as it gets for Penrith they are in the premiership window . I do not expect the Tigers to win this game but I do expect that a decent performance is shown , the Tigers have huge improvements to come over the next few seasons …the expectations this week should be measured where these two teams are at present in there development.

Are well may as well not turn up then…if that’s the mentality …

Pretty sure Maguire and the players expect to win…well least I hope…


Games aren’t won on paper…

Agree, look at last week against the dogs

Penrith are my newest most hated team. They are all scum. From the CEO down to the coaches wife in the canteen. Except Mansour he seems like a nice bloke.

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