Scorn lovers : Ex talks

  • So we all know Braith hates us and always has a snide comment because our club wasn’t up to his popstar princess standards… But what other former players have had a dig in the past?

    I think that slimey rat Joel Caine use to always tip against us on his little gambling gig he had saying we are weak and whatnot.


  • Have any of you signed up to our new sponsors (Ned’s) gambling site.

    They have the league legends promotion where you are given a former player that boosts your winnings.

    I used it last week and they gave me Braith Anasta. My winnings were increased by 2 bottles of Gatorade. I expect to hear him whining about it for the next 5 years.

  • Put Voldie in that box as well.

  • Fifita and the two dressing rooms

    Maybe if you hadn’t been such a tool

  • Joel certainly brought an element of weakness to our team. He was a piss weak footballer.

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