Bounce back

Why is it that we always seem to have to play teams after they get flogged?

Penrith last week.
Now Broncos at Suncorp next week after a flogging.

It doesn’t worry probably 11 other clubs

Says more about us than anything else ……doesn’t it

When does it turn our way, we all need this friday the fans the club…new coach premiership winner article after article new players…when does it turn?

Ire of the Tiger: Maguire spray has ‘rattled’ players ready to rebound
By Christian Nicolussi
April 4, 2019 — 4.48pm

Wests Tigers players found out first hand just how passionate Michael Maguire is when he unleashed his first full-time spray in the Campbelltown sheds last Sunday.

Unlike his normally laid back predecessor Ivan Cleary, Maguire is known for exploding on game days and could not hold back after the shock loss to the Bulldogs.

Tigers players were impressed by the spirited speech and confident it will have the desired effect ahead of the Friday night showdown against Cleary and his Panthers.

Maguire was sheepish this week when reminded about the blow-up after being caught by the Nine cameras.

In a wonderful contrast, television footage showed what appeared to be an angry Cleary in Bathurst last Saturday after his team’s flogging by Melbourne, but minus the finger pointing or frothing at the mouth.

Asked about Maguire’s outburst, Tigers captain Moses Mbye quipped it was nowhere near as ferocious as what Des Hasler used to dish up at Canterbury.

“There were no doors off the hinges so it was no Hasler serve,” Mbye said.

“Madge was disappointed in our performance. It wasn’t up to the standards we’ve been playing. It was an important game for us. You get a Bulldogs team under adversity. They are a proud club and outplayed us. The best thing we can do is respond to that loss.”

Rob Jennings lost count of the number of times Maguire erupted when they were together at Souths, but said it was a timely reminder of what the game and good performances meant to him.

“It was nothing new to me, it was him caring and showing how passionate he is,” Jennings said.

"We definitely deserved that spray after losing to the Dogs who were hungrier than us.

“We didn’t perform. A few of the boys were rattled [by Maguire]. But we didn’t perform as a team, and hopefully with the short turnaround we can turn things around and get the two points.”

Jennings is more familiar than most with the Panthers having been a junior and part of the victorious 2015 Holden Cup team, which included Nathan Cleary, Jarome Luai, Dylan Edwards, Moses Leota, James Fisher-Harris and Sione Katoa, who all await him at Panthers Stadium.

Cleary was also the coach who gave Jennings his NRL debut.

Tigers backrower Ryan Matterson will have the job of trying to stop Fijian wrecking ball Billy Kikau on an edge. Kikau broke down with a knee injury after three minutes in the first trial against Souths, and kept himself in shape using gym equipment like the grinder, vertical rower, boxing and circuit weight sessions.

“He hasn’t had a trial and hasn’t played any games so he’ll come in underdone,” said Matterson, as he tried to find a positive about the Kikau match-up.

As for the return of Josh Reynolds - who matches Maguire when it comes to passion - Matterson said: "Not many sides would have the ability to call on a player of his quality, especially an ex-Origin player. He’s got all the experience in the world.

"He’s been awesome, especially the way he’s been running against us in reserve grade, he throws that much shape at us at training, it’s like we’re playing a first-grade side.

"I’ve always seen ‘Grubby’ play and he’s a bloke who puts so much energy and effort into a game. It’s awesome to play next to him.’’

Jennings and Matterson were not at the club under Cleary, but had quickly bought into Maguire’s vision.

"As soon as Madge came in he said ‘forget about all that [Cleary] stuff’, and it’s a completely different team now, what he’s building here, you can see what he’s trying to do and bring, we’re all buying into it which is good, and we need to if we’re going to be a successful club,’’ Jennings said.

Like the sound of Madge.

Our club, more than any other, will benefit from hard work, discipline and consequences. These are things we are getting better at but last week showed the team still had the old Tiger’s mentality. It needs to change.


Maguire is known for exploding on game days and could not hold back after the shock loss to the Bulldogs

Why is it no one ever thinks about us with the bounce back factor. Nah, that only applies to other teams 🙄

The only way it changes is with new player recruitment… players with the right mindset . It has been shown time and time again the playing group just has not got the right mental attitude to succeed . You can only take the horse to water !

I suppose that question will be answered tonight !


Rob Jennings lost count of the number of times Maguire erupted when they were together at Souths, but said it was a timely reminder of what the game and good performances meant to him.

He obviously learnt nothing about Madge’s passion while at Souffs.

He needs to put in, lose some weight and stop bludging - should be in ISP

I agree but compared to 3 years ago they are

I guess it all has to do with the playing roster. We win a few games well and everyone is in shock, when we lose one badly, the media and most people seem to expect it - we’re just back playing to everyone’s expectations.

Teams like Penrith and the Broncos, on the other hand, are touted as top 8 certainties and are expected to be winning - it’s a shock to everyone when they get flogged, especially more than just once.

With the players they have on hand, the possibility of them bouncing back after a flogging is quite high, compared to our guys, who may well bounce back, but perhaps not as high due to less talent in the team across the park.

That said, I hope Penrith end up having a ‘barry’ of a year like the talented North Queensland outfit had last season. May they never click on the field in 2019 and end up in the bottom 8 😈

Cmon, two events don’t even make a pattern.

Every team that gets flogged plays someone the next week (apart from last round) and I guarantee you Tigers are no different than any other side in facing losers.

i tell you what, if the boys cant get pumped up for this game tonight, then there really is something lacking at this football club.

a match like tonight is personal, its confronting, it’s the matches that all fans and players and media thrive off watching and playing in because its got a back story to it. you don’t get games coming around like this too often.

God i hope they don’t let us down and play beneath themselves.

zach, i really hope iam wrong. but i see the panthers bounce back with 3 or 4 of there top players back, think we are in for a torrid night, and not a good score line.

Don’t you get it? We’re always victims about something. Whether it’s Greenberg conspiring against us, to playing teams coming off thrashing’s (even though we are too, but apparently that’s meaningless). Hey, maybe Greenberg is telling teams to roll over the week before they play us so we’re always up against it. The ultimate conspiracy 🤔

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