Mybe is a myth

Forget the hype he doesn’t offer much especially when you see Corey doing his pushes

Listen pal, I mentioned he was terrible once, it doesn’t go down too well around here. For the record, I once again agree. Nice guy, but offers…… not much I can recall.

Billy “The Grub” Slater said he was the second best player out there.

That attempt to stop the last try was really why some people are called turnstiles. He definitely looked like one.

I dunno, that’s a bit tough. Frantic last minute play on a slippery surface.

He saved a certain try

Duds like Marsters and Brooks and Mbye is the one that cops it? Haha. He saved a try, it wouldn’t have even gone to golden point without his effort.

Brooks is the myth!!!

He is struggling for some rythm at the moment.

So many things cost us. Brooks not being able to close, Marsters cant kick….and let’s not forget what no one has mentioned…Thompson drops the ball 3 minutes to go and we dont touch it again. Then he lets the try in. He cost us as bad as anyone. Even our better players cost us. That’s what makes supporting the tigers so hard. There are no answers to this mob.

Might as well have a mannequin at fullback.

He isn’t Tedesco, but thought he did a good job tonight.

He definitely wasn’t the problem.

Mybe ran the ball back with Gusto twice in the match. Both in extra time. The guy is a dud so far this year. As for Brooks, defensively has become a sound half, can run but chooses not to, but cant kick if his life depended on it.

Yeah the nugget can run but how many times does he break the line and create anything? Almost never. He’s had one good season the time he’s been here… offers absolutely nothing and if it wasn’t for the class of Farah and a few others we would never win games.

Dude must be carrying injury still. Looks to have lost a step and doesn’t really inject himself into the attack.

Mbye, Reynolds and Brooks seem to be as good as we’re gonna get.

Everyone watched the Bulldogs fail to score points with Mbye and Reynolds, just like we watched the Warriors fail with Lolohea and Matulino.

But we still bought them.

i am think what the above are as well my only thought is he must be controlling the defensive line well from the back because we can certainly defend.

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