Mybe is a myth


Keep reading that he’s obviously injured. What proof is there of this? Atm, his output is no better than Tui’s.

Didn’t play round 1 due to a PCL tear…acknowledged by the Club…also the strapping around said knee may also give a clue…played last season with no strapping…

You can play with them without doing more damage apparently but just watching him play he is nowhere near his form of last season…

It’s very obvious.
Not sure it’s to anyone’s interest to keep on playing him until he if fully fit. We have some short term options ….

yes, but he’s being tackled on the last around the oppositions 10 meter line, so it’s not a totally devastating end to a set. At least Benji isn’t there to boot it into row 7.

tedesco just being interviewed after the Roosters game and he said “my main job is to organise the defensive line as a fullback”. Now the Tigers have the 2nd best defence in the game and Mbye is the fullback. Billy Slater said he was 2nd best on the field last week because of how he organsied the defence. I don’t think people are giving him enough credit for that. Yes his attack has been down this season but he showed last season he can do that and its clearly injury restricting him. As for replacing him with Corey - hahahaha

He will remain at fullback unless injury says other.

All I want from him is quick passing when he’s the link man. Tedesco used to set up tries with the quick hands all the time. Mbye did it last year a lot. This year he isn’t throwing the last passes and getting caught with the ball too much. Not that the defense is getting up quicker, he is just not throwing the passes.

Can understand this perspective, and occasionally that’s the right play.
However, it shouldn’t be anyone’s default, especially when there is time to make another play. Brooks did that a couple of times last year to help us close out games when we had a lead, but he actively ran to a corner, he didn’t just stop 15 metres in-field like we had just gotten 6 again.

Also, against the Broncos I’m sure he did it on an earlier tackle too at least once.

Agree with you about Benji, happy with the spine for now, just want to see a bit more from the fullback in attack.

Bottom four fullbacks in the comp? Michael Gordon, Te Maire Martin, Darius Boyd, Charnze Nichol-Klokstad, Brendan Elliott and Nick Meaney all say hi.

So, from reading about PCL tears, Grade 1 or 2 can usually ‘repair themselves’ with rest, elevation, ice etc.
If surgery is required, (Grade 3 and 4 - especially if other damage to knee components are involved), can take 6 to 12 months for full recovery.
I guess it is a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ situation here. Play on with continued pain and swelling, or pretty much risk the rest of the season if surgery is required.
Tough call

Might be injured, might be safe - one thing I can say for certain is that he doesn’t have me sitting on the edge of my seat when he gets the ball.

His attempt at taking the bomb on Thursday night was poor. Poor because he didn’t have the pace to get anywhere near it. Couldnt keep up with Fifita chasing the grubber.

Not sure of recovery periods for a PCL but if it means we get a fit Mybe back for the end of the year or next year, he should just have the surgery now. If his injury isn’t that bad that he can play on then I guess what we are seeing is what we’re going to get.

Obviously haven’t watched CNK this year then. Meaney has been good in his first two games too. Both traveling worlds above Mbye atm.

The one thing i think people here are missing is how important fullbacks are for our defence. They are massive organisers and sort it out throughout the whole game.

Yes Thompson looks more electric but i feel his organisation might not be up to scratch as his one game at the back was against a very poor Manly team and for attack Farah scored our tries out of nothing. So putting Corey at FB i don’t think would improve our attack or defence.

Mbye definitely has a niggle and isn’t at his best but i would keep him there. People giving it to him about the bomb attempt against Brisbane HE DID THE RIGHT THING, he knew he couldn’t get there so he tried to smother it to negate its chances of bouncing God knows where which could have resulted in the donkeys scoring.

I love Thompson but i think it is best for the team for Mbye to stay at FB

If it’s ok with you I’m going to give it a little more than two games to make a call on a guy like Meaney who from what I’ve heard was stinking it up in reggies until a desperation call into first grade. Nichol-Klokstad is doing ok in attack, is defensively suspect and, again, has virtually no experience.

Personally I think Mbye is decent and probably playing injured at the moment.

I’d group NRL fullbacks as follows:

Superstars: Tedesco, Trbojevic, Ponga and Tuivasa-Scheck at a push.
Very good: Gutherson and Moylan.
Good but limited/inconsistent: Johnston and Dufty.
Mediocre: Boyd, Gordon and Te Maire Martin.
Too soon to tell: Jahrome Hughes, Nichol-Klokstad, Watene-Zelezniak, Meaney.

Fully fit, I think Mbye can be in the second group and even now his defensive qualities mean he’s probably got more value than a Dufty or even arguably a Johnston (who is massively flattered by the team he plays for). If all those last four turn into really good players I guess Mbye could end up being in the bottom half of the comp, but I think it’s more likely that he’s around the middle with lots of up side given he’s probably playing at rather less than 100%. That doesn’t wildly excite me but on a reasonable contract (which we think he’s on as the Dogs are paying some of it) that’s a pass mark for the Tigers.

He is a good organiser in defence.

You see him calling out to players, gets up into the line when needed also. Almost got found out a couple of times against the boncos.

And again last night, CNK had a strong game. I’ve never understood the dislike for Gordon either. I think he’s been very good, consistent and reliable for a very long time. But each to their own.

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