I’ve never in all my years of watching rugby league seen a team play so bad and still win.

Says a lot about us

Only this team could score 2 tries to 1 and still lose.

Coaches come and go, players come and go and this side is still a bunch of bottling losers.

Absolutely disgraceful.

Geez calm down 🤦🏻♂

I thought with 1 minute to go we would hang on 8-2. Didn’t let them score for 79 minutes. But no. And once it was extra time we all knew what was going to happen.

Couldn’t agree more, there’s just something ingrained in this club no matter who pulls the jersey on or who coaches, we’re just professional failures

I’m fed up with feeling like this … empty.
Just empty.

Did it last year too. 2 tries to one and lost against Brisbane. I feel for Maguire. He has bit off more them he can chew with this club

100 per cent, and it’s clearly never going to change.

Wow i didn’t think it could get this bad and I haven’t said a positive thing about this team for years…

With one minute to go I said, bugger tigers always let one in in moments like this.

The field goal showed why Cleary is origin and brooks never will be.

It can change but it will be tough !certain individuals have to be shown the door even if the club has to pay the freight …a winning mentality has to be brought to the club . Players that crumble under pressure time and time again have to be moved on .
A lot of supporters will not like it but it is the only way you turn this loser mentality around !

Oh well, we’ve got the Broncos at Suncorp after their flogging to look forward to.
Get ready for more disappointment

Scripted, it’s always scripted! I knew as soon as Marsters missed the first 2 goals that we’d lose it tonight. I think I alluded to it happening in another thread before halftime.

This is probably the worst loss I’ve ever experienced with this mob. Primarily because we got most of the good ref calls, we defended well and Penrith were totally inept, yet still managed to win the damn game!

They do not deserve to be celebrating with their team song tonight and Cleary does not deserve to have the last laugh over us - yet he does, yet again, they get the 2 points and we don’t.

Honestly, I rather get a flogging than lose a game like that.

The difference between Cleary and Brooks …one handles pressure the other just crumbles at every opportunity been happening for years !

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