Brooks under pressure

  • Banned

    Has he ever kicked a field goal under any pressure?

    Absolute bottler.

    There is a good reason why we’ve lost 6 out of the last 6 golden point games.

  • To answer your question, yes he has. He won us a game against Brisbane with a field goal.

    But I do admit, tonight ensured he never plays origin. Had his chance but showed he couldn’t out do an overrated kid.

  • Brooks should have laid on a try with all that possession we had, or at least a repeat set, but he ran across field and stifled the attack, I am so not looking forward to another 5 years of him running the show

  • Brooks has to be shown the door ,all clubs do this every now and then…a few of there favourite sons are moved on with a fan back lash ,this is the only way the culture changes and just not Brooks there are others . I believe that Brooks has to be moved on for the good of the team moving forward, even if the club has to pay !

  • I think Brooks has been one of the best in the halves we have had in recent years, but yes agree that we need someone better. We need someone that can control a game, and that stands up under pressure. They are simply not Brooks’ strengths, yet they are the most important qualities required of a halfback.

    Maloney is a piece of work, but he’s exactly what we need.

  • Sadly he’s the common factor to our last 5 seasons of poor attack, needs a fresh start at another club

  • @Tiges19:

    Sadly he’s the common factor to our last 5 seasons of poor attack, needs a fresh start at another club

    I agree, most won’t

  • Banned

    I’m glad I’m not the only one then. We’ll never make the 8 with him at halfback, I’m sorry.

  • 4 in and 2-2 time to die!!!

  • I think magde took the roll off brooks tonight with reynolds back. Let farah and grub take control and left him with what he had to do. He did his job well, i thought, Massive in defense. I thought going for the field gold 8 or so minutes out from full time was our dead call. I knew we would lose from then .I also hate that Madge didn’t pull Masters as our goal kicker aftrer his first attempt. He is clearly a confidence player and missing kicks infront of goal kills it and played that way tonight. Overall slightly pleased with our game tonight

  • Nz showed sj the door and brooks isnt his boot laces i think its time to end the experiment

  • He has had so many chances to step up and lead this team, but for the most part he has been a huge disappointment. He’s on a par with the Ash Taylors and Aiden Sezers of the world - just ok halves with big wraps, that never really take hold of a game consistently.

    However, I think we’re stuck with him for a few more years yet. It’s not like we have any potential superstar halfbacks waiting in the wings.

  • Was rubbihs last night and the week before against the dogs. He didn’t do much in our 1st 2 games either Robbie dominated them. A good runner but not much else at the moment.

    Doesen’t create much and doesent provide under pressure - Is like Aidan Sezer (although Taylor creates a lot more).

    If Benji was fit I would find it hard to name Brooks next week

  • Exactly what needs to happen.

    I always wonder this, but if we can see it, the fans, SURELY the clubs top brass and Madge can see it too???

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