• Surprised me tonight.
    I wasn’t expecting much but he had a great game tonight. Hopefully he can keep that up. He could go a long way to improving our side.

    On a frustrating night he was a big positive.

  • Great game. Even went very close to charging down Clearys winning field goal. Massive effort.

  • Thought he was one of if not best on field for us.

  • He’s all heart. The result sucked, but glad to see him so influential.

  • Grub needs to be in out halves, just not sure who with.

  • Mbye ….Brooks needs to go !

  • Only complaint is the field goal he missed. Not that he missed it, but why wait till the last. He should have taken the shot at least a tackle earlier. We waited too long in general to start going for the field goal. IDC what anyone says, if you are in front by 6, it’s never to early to take one point. That, combined with Marsters ineptitude is what lost the game, and most likely my lead in my work tipping comp.

  • Best player on the field. Pity he missed the fg

  • Mbye is a proven failure in the halves.

  • Yep surprised me too, actually I don’t even want to think about how awful we would have been without him tonight.

  • He had a blinder. Added plenty to our attack and repeat sets kicks were amazing.

  • Definitely the best on the field

  • I always feel with Benji we become easy to read and defend against, at least with Reynolds we have an “off the cuff” sort of player that can do something out of the blue. and his energy, it was fantstic! we need that.

  • Hopefully he has done enough to keep Benji on the sidelines, just his grubber kicks alone were much better than Marshalls, at least he found the gaps to score off.

  • Gee I think his performance is being massively overrated. Outside of his 2 great kicks for tries, he wasnt all that great. His play the balls are slower then a wet week. Dont get me wrong, I think it was a good first game from him and a step in the right direction, however he wasnt as red hot as people are making out. He was very quiet really, ran at wrong times, horrible pass from dummy half, horrible missed tackle on Kikau. He did plenty wrong that was hidden by him setting up 2 tries. Better then Benji though.

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