Golden Point

  • How many golden point games have we actually won? I can remember a Monday night game at Leichhardt against the Knights where Farah landed a field goal. I think there was a game against the Titans? But like our semi final record, we must also have the worst golden point record in the Competition.

  • Lost our last 6 lol

  • We do have the worst golden point record, and we have lost our last 6 golden point games, our play makers just are not up to it

  • It will never happen but I’d like it to be scrapped……didn’t deserve to lose that one. A draw I could have copped with.

  • I have always disliked the concept of GP and always will.Artificial rubbish designed for television and not for the good of the game.
    I will never change my opinion it is just so wrong to decide a game in this manufactured manner

  • We have the lowest win percentage, not sure how many wins though.

    Hated golden point since it was introduced

  • Apparently we’ve lost 14 from 18 since 2003
    A competition low of 22.2%

  • can i ask why the NRL cant just do 1 point for each team if it’s a draw at full time? have they ever mentioned anything about it?

  • They reckon fans like it, meanwhile players complain about being burnt out yet for some reason, golden point is ok. We used to have draws and no one complained.

  • @jctiger:

    Apparently we’ve lost 14 from 18 since 2003
    A competition low of 22.2%

    Out of interest do you know who has the best percentage wins in GP? I’m sure it will be the favoured clubs.

  • I’m over GP - i think it is a terrible way to lose a game that should have been a draw. I now turn off any GP game. Refuse to watch it. Couldn’t care less if its exciting to the new fans ( read 10 yr olds and those who think big bash is cricket ). Its just another blight on the game.

  • I agree I think its time is done. NRL keep saying that ppl love GP but people are also morons.

    I was a fan when it started, but it just changes the way the football is played after 80 mins. You go from regular footy to this ridiculous shoot-out where you cannot concede anything.

    And you get situations like last night where Tigers were arguably the better side, concede a super late try, then because of some off kicking lose the match and take nothing away.

    And Penrith should not have been rewarded for such a display, where they basically only put together a decent attacking play in the final minute, but because they have a Johnny Wilkinson and Tigers don’t, he gets to kick them to victory and Tigers don’t get to play out the full GP.

    If they are going to keep GP, they need to play out the entire 10 minutes, not stop it as soon as the FG shootout is over.

  • Banned

    I don’t like it, but it’s laughable that people want it scraped because we suck at it.

  • I dont want it scrapped because we are poor at it i never wanted it at all it is a dreadful concept.I have been against it since the idiotic idea was raised it is a manufactured result for TV only.I have watched many draws over the years and it is fair result GP is rubbish

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