Result sucked, but there were enough positives

  • No one gave any credit to Panthers defence, they defended their arse off.
    A lot of good teams would have struggled to score against that defensive effort.

  • Fox was just the same. You would swear only one side played last night. It was all about Penrith. Brady was on the panel so everything was about how the Panthers were going. The other commentators were kissing Brandys arse all night. No one dare mention the Tigers were out playing them and out muscling them for most of the game. We have a goal kicker then we win, full stop.

  • @bathursttiger:

    No one gave any credit to Panthers defence, they defended their arse off.
    A lot of good teams would have struggled to score against that defensive effort.

    It was a very defensive game and both teams D was excellent (hence the score). I’m struggling to think of a clean line break for either team.

    There are some seriously challenged fans here. I thought most of our guys performed well. OK Brooks wasn’t great, Masters kicking was poor and Jennings cost us a try in a brain fart but beyond that our guys were pretty solid. I’m more dirty on ET for a couple of really dumb penalties - they’re100% preventable but he does it every game.

    Anyway, I was super-disappointed last night but then I think of the starving children and realise it’s only a game 🙂

  • He doesn’t have to be a gold kicker. Even a bronze/silver kicker and we win the match. I would be trying MBye and Corey Thompson as goal kickers whilst Marsters settles his goal kicking yips and gets back to reasonable kicking for,.

  • On a lighter note our kit looked the goods …

  • Im sick to death of trying to scrape to look for positives, we hold the ball in the last 5 we win. The good teams do that we do not. The panthers were atrocious and yet they still won, if we played that bad we would have been lapped. The worst part for me was imagining those two worms who are the Cleary’s smiling like Cheshire cats.

  • full stop.

  • matt shirvington obviously not just a pretty face.maybe he is a closet wests tigers supporter.

  • All we needed was 1/3, just one!

  • Yes their defence was very good, the only thing about their game that was. Very reminiscent of our early season form last year - great defence, but zero attack!

    Cleary has already stamped his mark on the side, to see that Penrith outfit play with NFI in attack is almost criminal!

  • Banned

    Reynolds short kicking was a positive.
    Our defence for the most part was a positive.

    All in all though, that was a 3/10 game not recognisable as first grade standard, involving a Penrith side who were beyond pathetic…and we lost. Embarrassing and shame worthy.

  • Josh Reynolds’ kicking game an ‘ironic’ silver lining for Wests Tigers in loss to Penrith Panthers, says Peter Sterling
    By WWOS staff
    3 hours ago

    NRL legend Peter Sterling pointed out an unfortunate irony for Wests Tigers.After the game, Sterling noted that despite Cleary’s clutch heroics, it was the Tigers who had the superior kicking game, led by Josh Reynolds. It was a classy display from the former NSW Origin playmaker, who appeared to show up the incumbent Blues pairing of Cleary and James Maloney.

    “What I found ironic tonight was I thought the Wests Tigers kicked them [Penrith] off the park tonight,” Sterling said. "But in the end, the Josh Reynolds field goal that missed, I think that wins them the game. The missed conversions they were vital, but the Wests Tigers, I thought they kicked beautifully. A couple of tries [off kicks]. "It’s a cardinal sin in today’s game, where you can’t kick the ball dead, and they just got it right. There’s an art to kicking it in the field of play and they got that right. "

    In his first NRL game since last July, Reynolds showed glimpses of being back to his dynamic best by setting up both his team’s tries on Friday. And while he missed five tackles, Reynolds also went within a whisker of nailing what could’ve been a game-sealing field goal late in the match. His display could leave coach Michael Maguire with a headache for next week’s match against Brisbane, with Benji Marshall a chance to return from injury.

    “I’ll assess that when the time comes,” Maguire said. He said it was important Reynolds proved that his body would allow him to string together back-to-back games of football. The former Canterbury star managed just five matches last year. “We spoke about him just going back and playing a couple of reserve grade games and just enjoying playing football. That’s one thing he showed,” he said. Benji had that slight strain to his hammy which gave an opportunity and those two work really hard together. “I can imagine down the track, I’ll be trying to work out how we can get them into the team.”

    Maguire also hinted he would consider playing either Reynolds or Marshall off the bench after his forwards punched out some major minutes against Penrith. “It’s all dependent on your forwards and how you can roll your forwards. That was something there I had to look at in the first few rounds,” he said. "Obviously our rotations through the middle and how much time they can play plays a part in how you’re going to carry your bench, your impact. "It’s one of those ones that when the time comes, I’ll assess where we’re at. “A number of our forwards are starting to get some really good game time now so it allows me to carry a different bench if need be.”

  • @Sabre:

    • Thompson was faultless

    Apart from dropping the pill which led to the only try Penrith scored and coming off his wing when there was no need when they scored.

    I really like him but he was a key factor in Penrith being able to score and Penrith were terrible.

  • There were some positives though.

    • Penrith have a really good team and we were just as bad as them.
    • Reynolds was really good.
    • Matterson was really good.
    • Aloiai was good.
    • Packerlino were good
    • Twal was good.
    • Thompson was good apart from his key stuff-ups

    • 4 rounds in, it may only be the Roosters with a better defensive record heading into next round.

    • We have only been outplayed 1 game this year against the Dogs.

    • Reynolds will only get better with match fitness.

    • Mybe & Jennings are yet to find form, things can only improve from here on in?

    • Lawrence & Nofo still to debut this season.

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