Attack - Most disjointed I have ever seen in an NRL game

The rain is not an excuse, what was with our attack?

I don’t think I have ever seen an NRL side look so unconhesive. Its no exhagerating. Players didn’t know where they were going and anytime we did a backline raid, everyones lines were wrong, people were catching it standing, someone would run the wrong angle, it was slow etc.

Then off a normal, dummy half run, every single player who ran onto the ball (besides Matulino) catches it standing. Why does brooks always start stationary, particularly when we were playing a team with quick linespeed. We legitimately did not look like scoring a try all night, not even look like scoring one, other than when we kicked into the in goal.

The attack was abysmal, Brooks ran across field and put all our runners off, and you are right we never looked like making a clean break, let alone a try

Whilst our attack wasn’t great, I thought Penrith’s was way worse and yet they still managed to get the 2 points - go figure.

I think penriths attack looked a lot better, they just dropped the ball a lot. They made a fair few line breaks (one down the left, Kikau, winning try, one that was called back off the forward pass etc). They just played terribly and dropped it. When we went sideways nothing was happening. It was so slow, almost like players power walking. Brooks, Reynolds, Mbye had no continuinity. I know its their first game but you do train all off season and week.

After watching last night, I came away wondering what they do all week at training. It appears to me that all is lost come game day.

It all starts at the 9, our halves have less touches in the oppositon 20 then other other team in the comp.


I think penriths attack looked a lot better, they just dropped the ball a lot.

How can their attack look a lot better when they dropped so much ball ? Or, can one attack effectively without holding onto the ball ?

They were overly conservative for much of the game.

Honestly they almost got away with it, just 1-ups and a kick chase. I hear echos of “Taylorball”? Penrith dropped a lot of footy but also I think the Tigers were fairly comfortable in defence for 90% of the match.

The main issue is that when you are very conservative and trying to maximise completions, all that 1-out running becomes very predictable. And whilst you may indeed work your way out of trouble, it sets absolutely no platform and your outside backs are just getting swamped, your PTBs are slow and fumbly and there’s no second phase.

The halves need that platform so they have space to create plays. Also for runners to have time to run at holes.

Brooks choices were ordinary and for some reason Reynolds’ long passing seems to have the yips, but also many of the options out there are poor. Mbye has provided very little this year in terms of pinpoint attack - he’s supposed to be coming hard into the line to create an extra man, not flopping about like a part-time touch footballer. Jennings is a liability unless he gets really early ball and Mahe Fonua just doesn’t wind up enough for a fellow of his size.

There doesn’t appear to be much depth in the line when we are attacking it’s mainly one off stuff and standing flat. Not like a Melbourne style of having depth with a lot of second phase passing and more creative space to work with.

I’m going to give my opinion

I’m getting a feeling that Maguire wants Brooks to become a regimented playmaker and make his running game secondary

Last year he put his running game first and foremost and we got the benefits

This year (unless he is carrying an injury , and I did mention when he ran he looked far slower ) rarely takes the line on and when he does it’s almost that he is thinking he shouldn’t

Very hard to tell …but something’s not right and you can almost see the wheels spinning in Brooks head every time the ball is coming …

Our attack is horribly predictable. We have no depth in attack which severely limits options and makes it easy for defence to identify targets.

We are easy pickings for an up and in defence. When was the last time you saw Brooks throw a cut-out pass? Our centres and fullbacks cannot catch and pass quickly.

I think your 100% on the money there Happy.

Think about Reynolds at Souths. Not a running half. A player that directs the team around the park.

I also think that Brooks needs time to become comfortable in that role hence his relatively quiet start to the season.

Brooksy likes to play “eyes up” footy and while structures are necessary, limiting a natural strength after his break out season last year may work against us.

Madge said he had learned some things in his time off, I hope one of them is getting the best out of players and not changing things so much, it becomes a detriment to the team.

The backline movement is non existent, relying on grubber kicks to get points is a worry, while I enjoyed the short kicking game of Reynolds, the team needs to work on ball movement big time

Because they looked more likely to score had they held it. They looked like they had more in the bank, but dropped balls hurt them alot.

In our case, while we dropped a bit of ball, even if we held it, I don’t feel we looked like scoring at all other than off a little grubber into the ingoal.

The problem is no-one knows who’s running the team. There isn’t one cohesive strategy in place. Farah is very dominant in running the side. Benji often is too. Brooks is demanding the ball and getting it some of the time. Still often too slow in receiving it. His confidence is way down right now.

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