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  • Hi everyone,
    I left this post till this morning as last night my head was so far gone it wasn’t even funny. I didn’t think we would make the 8 this year anyway but there are some very worrying aspects of our game and club at present.

    I will break my post into 2 parts… The now and the future.

    The Now
    Last nights loss hit me a little differently than the usual losses we have. Last night, for the first time made me fear for the future of the WT a little.

    Penrith played their worst game I think I have ever seen them play and we still got rolled. Even through the darkest days of supporting the Magpies (1999) I have never seen a worse attacking side than we have at present. We have absolutely nothing. We were never scoring a great try last night. We were never scoring a great try last week. Even against Manly & the Warriors we scored most of out tries from lucky kicks.

    I have never seen a side get a better rub of the green than Wests Tigers did last night. Yet we still couldn’t take advantage. I think our defence really improved. Seeing Josh Reynolds along with Corey Thompson were the only stars of a very short highlights reel. I am also unsure of why all the hate on Mbye? There are more than half the squad playing way worse.

    Fonua tries hard but is too slow, and his size should give us more yards but doesn’t.
    Marsters is a reserve grade centre and shouldn’t be there. It’s as plain as that with him.
    Marshall is way past it and is now only a plodder. Doesn’t offer much anymore and is one of many that just stifles play.
    Luke Brooks - How many more years??? Enough is enough
    Packer - Tries hard but looks as if the fire is gone.
    Farah - See Marshall
    Mataulino - See Packer
    Taylor - Defends ok but again nothing in attack. Not playing well enough and would not make a run on side anywhere else bar the Titans.
    Jennings - Battler
    Chee-Kam - See Taylor (minus the defence bit)
    Garner- He is only in the side because we are low on class.

    Corey Thompson, Twal, Aloiai, Reynolds and Mbye are our only decent players. Matterson, Mikele and Momorovski still unprovan in my eyes.

    Not sure how much of an impact Nofo, Lawrence will make upon their return.

    We are very low on class in the club and this is why most of the above players are named week in and week out. Last year we all shook our heads most weeks after seeing the same plodders being named even after poor performances. There was no-one better to replace them. The same goes for this year.
    I cannot see any of our juniors pressing for a first grade spot this year so what we see at present is it for 2019.

    This leads me into my second part of thread. The Future…
    This club has a losing culture and has done since it’s inception. Even during 2005 the start to our year wasn’t great. We found something that no NRL side could compete with in that second half of the year. We could score points from anywhere and nearly have a guaranteed 6 points per try thanks to Richards. What happened in 2006,7? 2010,11 was solid but that’s pretty much it. I may have missed one or two other seasons we went ok. My memory isn’t the greatest.

    My point is that in 19 years, along with the Warriors we are the most under achieving club. All those poor years have brought a losing culture into the club. A culture that I truly cannot see us getting rid of anytime soon. A huge shake up would be the only way. and by this I mean re-location. If this happened I would stop following but I cannot see any other way things will change over then next couple of years.

    We will clear out alot of dead wood at the end of this year but then what? Who can we attract? Apart from us paying way overs for anyone of any class why would they come here? We will never be in a position to sign a current star at the peak of their game as there is no attraction. We will only ever pay overs for a player who’s best days are behind him. While the Storm bring in plodders and turn them into stars, our culture within the club does the opposite. Adam Blair???

    Our good juniors never stay long term as the attraction of other clubs are always too enticing or we are too stupid to realize their potential. Addo-Carr wasn’t ready for first grade apparently.

    While this thread is one of huge negativity I open this thread up to all of us to share our views on our future. Tell me what I may have missed? By all means optimism is very welcome but if I am 100% honest with myself I do not see anything changing. Because of this we may find ourselves in the firing line of re-location unfortunately.

  • I think the relocation talk is all BS, won’t happen.

  • I totally agree, fully true

  • There has to be a clean out of culture so to speak ! other clubs bite the bullet even at the expense of popular players with fans .
    This is the hard reality that the club now faces , the rot has to stop . Why do you think Reynolds was brought to the club ATTITUDE and that was the previous coach ,he realised the losing culture that was ingrained in this club.This can be fixed but there is going to be some pain so in saying that this club can not make a decision on one home ground as it might upset a few ! So expecting them to carve out the mediocrity I would not be holding my breath !

  • Hi Tiger
    I’m interested to know as to why you think it won’t happen?

  • Player assessments tend to be a little personal - certain Forumers have agendas against certain players - that’s ok but generally speaking the keepers are well known and the “not so gooduns” are well known as well.

    You say Thompson, Twal, Aloiai, Reynolds and Mbye are our only decent players. I would add Lawrence, Brooks and Liddle to that list.
    We have played 4 games this year, Mbye has played 3 and delivered 3 sub par performances. Aloiai has always had potential and delivered it in a couple of games this year (I like him but still has a way to go imo).
    Chee-Kam, Fonua and Eisenhuth up to date imo, have not shown they should be kept.

    However I totally dispute that Matterson has not proven himself and I do think Mikaele, and Momirovski need more than 2 or 3 games to prove themselves, they are still youngsters. After 10 games Garner at 23 has shown that he will be a good one if he improves at the same rate.

    I am afraid when you say Jennings is a “Battler” - you are totally incorrect …… he is an absolute D.U.D. - Slow, overweight, not great under high ball, hogs the ball (Thommo was in against the Dogs if he passes) and cannot read the play (responsible for the try against us that lost the game).

    Farah and Marshall are in their last year, McQueen and Rochow also last year - I thought Packer, Matulino and Taylor have been ok under Madge and are holding their own so far against the opposition we have faced (except the Dogs, what player of ours didn’t have a bad game).

    Finally, why would a Wests Tigers Stalwart mention relocation - keep it up there, keep mentioning it, keep giving the NRL and media ammunition to say “even the WT supporters see relocation is the only way” - sheesh! enough of the relocation. If that is the only future you think the WT have … we might as well disband the club now.

  • I mention it because I think it’s a real possibility unless the club turns itself around Russell. If the NRL are serious about getting rid of a Sydney club by 2022 then unless the ass falls out of Cronulla or Manly, we are a real possibility. We are nomads already.
    Personally I think if anyone should go, then it should be NZ.
    The one thing that will save us is success. Where will that come from? Maquire is a good coach but we need the cattle. How can we attract this? Unless we have a boom of great junior talent about to break through I am concerned.

  • Banned

    Hard to argue with any of that.

    The losing culture is ingrained in the club and I just don’t see how it’s ever going to change.

    In terms of relocation, if it happens I’ll be done, but maybe that’s a good thing for my health.

  • Merge with Melbourne and perhaps a little of their never say die clinical displays & winning culture will rub off on us. Though most likely we’d end up bringing them down to our loser mentality level and stuff them altogether!

  • Run the bathtub!! oh god, this really is a depressing thread 😂

    having said that, we have a massive fan base, i actually think the NRL are scared of that. we are a sleeping giant of a club.

    the problem is, we need to be woken up, and i dont know/can see how thats going to happen in the short term. so we will always be labeled as chokers,lightweight,bottlers/loser mindset etc…


  • We’ve been asleep longer than Rip Van Winkle! We’ve missed the revolution! 😂

  • How many cleanouts can we have? We had a huge one two years ago. Unfortunately, Ivan seemed to sign anyone who wanted a run and we ended up with this.

    Unfortunately, we have terrible attack. We seem to sign a lot of players who are “solid”. They can tackle ok, but don’t offer anything in attack. Taylor, Chee Kam, Eisenhuth, Packer etc. We also seem to sign “workhorse” backs who do a lot of work, but have very little impact on the game like Marsters, Jennings, Fonua, Thompson, Nofolomu, Mbye. All have positives, but how many times can you remember these players making clean breaks. The fact anyone called Thompsons game amazing last night shows where we are at, he was ok at best. Made a fair few hit ups, dived on a ball for a try. Not to mention we have a very inconsistent 7 who only has a running game.

    We have less class than any other side, except maybe the bulldogs. Even Manly have match winners and you saw what they could do when they were on last week. I am sure Maguire is aware of this, and hopefully brings the right style of players in. Unfortunately, we did have not done that for a number of years, bar the Matterson signing.

  • We all disband and join other families… I mean clubs…

  • The main issue right now is Madge had almost no control over his roster or his coaches - he came in so late.

    He needs more than 1 pre-season to mould his type of team and frankly Ivan Cleary had just gotten himself into that right situation of ~2 seasons to really get his roster and his strategies firing, then he packed it all in.

    Look at Seibold, Nathan Brown, Mary McGregor, Des Hasler, Dean Pay - there’s no quick fix and first-year coaches normally don’t get ace results without an already handy roster.

    Madge needs a full year sculpting this side because there have been too little coaching consistency for this club over the past half-decade. Can’t be easy for blokes like Brooks trying to alter their style and strategy every season and a half.

    On the other hand we need to get financially competitive with other clubs, in order to seize that elite-level talent. But that may never be realistic; money doesn’t grow on trees and Burnley cannot ever hope to spend like Man City.

    I was watching the Thursday game and I still cannot believe how the Roosters can possibly be salary cap compliant, with more than half their side being rep-level superstars that would be walk-ups into any other team. Latrell, Keary, Cronk, Tedesco, Cordner, JWH… it’s just ridiculous the number of elite players they have. Now Roosters can be congratulated for having them all in good form and all firing together, plus the emergence of guys like Radley and Manu is the fruits of their own labours, but how can you realistically expect to compete with a roster like that over 24 matches?

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