Who is off contract this year?

  • Wondering if anyone has the list?

  • Check the Zero Tackle website

  • Off Contract end of 2019

    J. Aloiai
    M. Chee Kam
    R. Farah
    M. Fonua
    T. Gamble
    C. Lawrence
    J. Liddell
    T. Makaele
    B. Marshall
    R. Rochow
    C. Thompson

    End of 2020

    O. Clark
    M. Eisenhuth
    L. Garner
    E. Masters
    C. McQueen
    S. McIntyre
    P. Momitovski
    D. Smith
    E. Taylor
    A. Twal
    R. Jennings

  • Looks like five will go end of 2019.

  • If only we had a creative attack-minded player in Canterbury Cup . . . .
    Some young kid that deserves a go in NRL after watching 5/6 tackles each set against Penrith be a 1 out, 1 pass, run up the guts.
    And if he could kick goals ???!!! WOW . . . the answer to our prayers.

  • Lawrence won’t be re-signed after this year. Let’s face it. He will go to England. Sheen’s will sign him.

    I’d only re-sign 3 or 4 out of the ones coming off.

  • I think Lawrence will stay. He us oyr long serving alliwance and our only one so is virtually free under the salary cap. Wht wouldnt you keep him for free

  • Yes completely agree

  • Wishful thinking.

  • IMHO- end of 2019

    definitely extend- M. Fonua, T. Gamble, C. Lawrence, T. Makaele, C. Thompson
    think about if favourable to us- J. Aloiai or M. Chee Kam (1 of the 2)
    going / retiring- R. Farah, J. Liddle, B. Marshall, R. Rochow. With Liddle time to look elsewhere, too injry prone and cant stay on paddock.

  • I don’t know about extending Fonua and Thompson. We still have Nofo, and really I only want one of those three in First Grade with the other in Reserves as a backup. Need to look elsewhere for another winger.

    Gamble I’m hoping gets a go this year, and earns another contract, Mikaele I’m hoping continues to step up and re-sign him also. Aloiai re-sign if his form continues. Liddle too should be re-signed if he gets a go and earns his spot.

    But Chee Kam and Rochow can go. Farah and Benji can retire. Lawrence, I’d be happy to keep him, or let him go to ESL if he wanted.

    It’s the players we get to replace these guys that holds more of my interest. More Matterson-esque would be great.

  • Lawrence wouldn’t get a contract from any other NRL club. It’s us or ESL.
    I prefer to see him go. It’s time to move on. Surely we can get a specialist 2nd rower to replace him.

  • Ridiculous. First player picked

  • I think Lawrence has earned the right to decide his next step, If he wants to stay at WT he is more than welcome. The only understanding we would require is form will select the starting 17, not loyalty- as much as that is these days. He would be welcome in my 30 man squad but there would be reality his selection in the 17 on a regular basis would increasingly become doubtful over the next year or two.

  • I understand the sentiment. He gives his all and loves the club but we keeping him around for that doesn’t equate to success. We are mediocre because of this sentiment. Even us fans joke around that we are the retirement village club.

    Let’s be honest without losing our marbles, he is a broken centre that turned into a average 2nd rower.
    If I were coach, he wouldn’t be getting re-signed at the end of the year.

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