Ryan Papenhuyzen

Congrats to Ryan on getting his first game in the NRL today, playing on the wing for Melbourne a local Balmain Jnr that the Storm covertly nabbed…

They’ll probably turn him into a superstar.

Maybe. There are 15 clubs jealous of their system so it’s nothing to be bitter about.

Has he bulked up? From memory, he was small framed and pretty much a lightweight.

Still small, but obviously will need to bulk up. Has been solid for the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

Had a nervous debut at the end, but will get more game time soon.

Thanks. Glad to see anyone take their NRL shot. Good to see he continues the seemingly endless WT trait of small but talented backline players.

Can’t blame him for heading to the Storm, he was going to be stuck behind Teddy until both left.

Remember had a run of injuries with us and was few away being ready

His put on a lot of size since us so has seve who looks HUGE now.

I’d like to take it back…But congratulations young man, just a pity your man of the match performance was against your former jr club.

Told yas he’d terrorise us.
Motm too.
Hughes won’t see the no1 again.

@TIGER said in Ryan Papenhuyzen:

Told yas he’d terrorise us.
Motm too.
Hughes won’t see the no1 again.

Where are they going to put him then? Hughes is a superior footballer to Paps at this time, and if Melbourne are dumb enough to play him in QLD Cup, Tigers can take Jahrome off their hands gladly.

Honestly I felt the whole thing was a beat-up. The kid scored a really good try and popped up here and there, but it was not MOTM to me and the absolute fawning over him, constantly, by the commentators was nauseating to the point of satire. It reminded me of Brooks’ debut; there was a pre-written narrative about how good Brooks was, and he had a good match sure, but suddenly he truly is the next Andrew Johns, except he goes backwards the next season. The commentators just want an angle and want to beat themselves over every new talent that some pundit points out to them.

The kid is fast, no doubt, but we can all put our pants back on now because that’s just not enough quality to make a career. He’s got a million miles to go, and one length of the field try is such early days. I’ve seen Matt Dufty do things far more amazing with speed, even just a few weeks ago, and he’s not the world’s greatest fullback. But they were banging on about him too when he started.

Paps made one break then the Tigers figured him out, basically swatted him every other time he ran the footy. He is clearly dangerous with the footy, but you only get to surprise oppositions for a few weeks before they specifically target you.

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@jirskyr Obviously consistency is key, but there’s no doubt, he’s off to a flyer. Everyone fawned over Tedesco from day 1 also & he did ok. I hope he smashes it. It’s refreshing to see new talent going great from day one. He did pretty well last game as well when he came on. He certainly looked a lot more keen defensively than our fb did at times. That try Melbourne scored when we had all blockers and no takers was awful and it’s the second time that’s happened this season. Paps going to do alright.

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Kid is fast and looked good, but I’m not sure that one match makes an NRL career. Am I disappointed he left, yes I am - I would rather have him at fb before mbye.

Mom - I think that was PR spin just like the comparisons to slater.

Interesting comments in The Australian that doesn’t reflect well upon us.

“Melbourne sold it that they could fix my injuries and I could learn behind Billy (Slater),” Papenhuyzen said.

“That was a pretty easy decision to make. I was playing Tigers for under 15s to about under 20s but I was actually a Parramatta junior. I went through their system. It was one of those stories where they said I was too small and we don’t know whether we can have you. Then I went to the Tigers. I went through the 20s system, had a few injuries and wasn’t really enjoying it at the time because I was always injured.”

“I tore both my hamstrings when I was at the Tigers. We did a lot of work on my running technique down here (in Melbourne) and just switching everything else on. I haven’t had any problems since.”


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