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  • I don’t think it’s going to be a place on a weeknight that attracts big crowds unless the team is flying. Day games on weekends could be a different story. Have to say though, if the Stadium in the city is built like this one only bigger, then i’d be shipping the SOO there, because full with one - eyed supporters, it would go off.

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  • @Geo said in BankWest Stadium 🏟:

    @851 said in BankWest Stadium 🏟:

    Our record there, 2 losses 0 wins, 6 points for 79 against, what a fortress for us

    At least it’s a great ground to watch footy…☹

    Yep, my daughter went with her boyfriend who is a raiders supporter last night, said it was a great spot to watch the footy, I stayed home, I said I am not paying to watch this side anymore until they offer something better, glad I didn’t make the trip.

  • Today’s headline should be

    Tigers unable to make a withdrawal at WankBest.

  • First experience of the stadium last night and I may be in the minority, but I was quite underwhelmed. The seating was good, but it may be just because of the poor atmosphere but the stadium didn’t feel very special at all.

    Firstly the lighting is going to take some getting used to, it is always in the eyeline and can be distracting.
    The Corporate section completely takes away any real chance for a great surround atmosphere, looking across at it all night made the stadium feel even more empty than it was.

    Then there was the poor effort at making the stadium feel like a home ground for us. The intros for the team felt generic and the lack of using the LED banners was atrocious. The club really need someone who can create these and have something more than a plain WT on a black or orange background and a black and white piece of the logo appear. These banners can easily be incorporated into the prematch (the Eels do it) but not utilising them just makes it seem like we are playing there as a neutral team.

    Maybe if the atmosphere was better then I would have felt better about the stadium, but at the moment it is nothing more than a generic ground that may have decent seats but not much else.

  • @TIGER Nothing in the bank for Tigers.

  • @Craegus Maybe if the club actually had an NRL standard team things might be different, but now I do agree with most that Campbelltown and Leichhardt ovals do represent where and what our club actual is because BankWest stadium is way out of our league maybe someday .

  • Doesn’t have a home feel. Maybe time can help with that.

    Walking out of stadium and seeing Parramatta eels logo everywhere doesn’t help.

    Perhaps our only suitable permanent home be out of a brand new ANZ stadium which has a proper club mode

  • We didn’t see any eels logos walking towards the station

  • @innsaneink neither did we, I did see Tigers logos and flags on pubs and restaurants around the ground. I also liked the huge Welcome to our jungle on the screen out the front of the ground.

  • Calling Bank West “our jungle” is almost as irritating and a whole lot more embarrassing than the “on the bus” tag. The people who implement this stuff need to be shafted.

  • @Telltails There is no reason why it can’t be our jungle, the place is great!

  • @cochise At the moment it is a very messy jungle.

  • @Telltails said in BankWest Stadium 🏟:

    Calling Bank West “our jungle” is almost as irritating and a whole lot more embarrassing than the “on the bus” tag. The people who implement this stuff need to be shafted.

    Come on.
    They gotta do something… Damned if they do damned.if they don’t… You gotta go there with a positive mindset, attending negatively won’t get us anywhere
    While I agree with some of craegus’ points especially the led WT initials… Yeah it wasn’t great last Friday but I can imagine what it could be like not after a freezing week and when the teams travelling well with a large vocal crowd… It could be awesome

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