Jimmy the Jit

After an exhausting investigation the Broncos have decided to do absolutely nothing about Roberts being carried out of a night club seemingly paralytic.
Righto Todd, time to shine! Looking forward to you stepping in with you new tough stance and imposing a well thought through penalty.

He thought getting legless was good for an Achilles injury
Nothing to see here, penalty Broncos

Come on. Surely you have faith in Todd to do the right thing?😂

He was fine. Couldn’t get down the stairs with that damn achilles

Nothing will happen.
Broncos are just too powerful.
They own the NRL.

More a responsible service of alcohol issue for mine @Tiger_Steve. Though, different story if he was involved in some form of incident, which are said to be regularly swept under the carpet in Brisbane.

Private party I think, so only his fault for getting legless.
Nice ‘friends’ to put the pictures on social media.
Greenberg won’t say diddly squat … even though it’s not a good look for the game.

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