Maguire: "We need to learn to win those clutch moments"

Wests Tigers Head Coach Michael Maguire says his side simply needed to manage the closing moments of Friday’s Golden Point clash with the Panthers with more composure after going down in heartbreaking fashion from their Round 4 clash.

Having trailed 8-2 with a minute on the clock, Penrith somehow sent the game in to Golden Point courtesy of a last-second try and sideline conversion, before stealing the two points with a long-range field goal to Blues halfback Nathan Cleary.

While disappointed with the result, Maguire said his side showed great improvement from their Round 3 loss and simply needed to show more composure.

“We must learn how to win those clutch moments," Maguire enthused post-game.

"We definitely had our opportunities to and unfortunately it didn’t go our way.

"I thought there was a real good progression of what we spoke about over the last month of the way we want to play. We were able to achieve a lot more of that tonight, but tt’s about doing it for 80 minutes now and that’s our big step to get to.

"Towards the back end of the game we were playing a little bit negative with how we were playing with the ball and unfortunately we got bogged down.

There was a lot of great moments tonight; I thought there were a lot of selfless plays, a lot of try saving tackles, and that’s something we’re trying to build here.”

Heading north to Brisbane next week to face the Broncos with a 2-2 record, Maguire said his side would no doubt be better for the experience of Friday’s defeat.

“I was obviously disappointed with various parts of the game last week and I thought they were able to fix that tonight," said Maguire. "That’s our game of rugby league, it comes down to one play and weren’t able to nail it tonight.

"The competition is tight and you’ve got to make sure you take the opportunities. Unfortunately, they Penrith were able to get theirs again and we didn’t get ours.”

Helps if you sign clutch players.

Some of our lads choke once the pressure is on. They should be moved on.

Sounds familiar… we need to learn to win the moments and play for 80 mins…

Said every WT coach ever

No mention of the abysmal goal kicking and field goal attempts. I hate how they just ignore the obvious and keep playing handicapped every week, expecting a better result!

The attack all night was virtually 1 out running up the guts.

We dont have the troops for that game.

Plus. 1 thing i noticed that the Panthers forwards understand that momentum comes from rinning onto the pass.

We were flat footed most of the night

We can all observe it, he needs to change it.

Had a long laugh at this one …this has been going on at this club for years ,only remedy clean out this culture and bring in a winning culture ! Hope Maguire does not put to much effort trying to turn this around with who is on the books now …many have tried all have failed !


No mention of the abysmal goal kicking and field goal attempts. I hate how they just ignore the obvious

Just because he didn’t mention it doesn’t mean he is ignoring it. I don’t think he wants to point the finger at individuals in public, which would achieve nothing constructive. Besides, it doesn’t need to be said - as you said - it’s bleeding obvious.

Like a broken record lol

Jock Madden seems decent with the boot… not saying that he is 1st grade ready yet… but he is a option

Big wraps on the kid last year, hope he develops fast

True fibro, but let’s see if it actually does get addressed this week or not. I’m betting it won’t be and we’ll just carry on with the same set up, expecting a different result.

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