Round 4 Analysis

  • Hi Team

    I took a few days to get this up purely because like most i wasn’t emotionally ready to think about things logically.
    Where to start…. It was rough real rough and showed some areas we have always struggled with but we will get to them later.

    The positives
    Defensively we were very good. Like really good. Now i agree that penrith didnt play well but they beat us in most offesnsive stats. If you take away their errors they were actually quite dominate. Now watching the game i dont think it actually felt that way. I thought we were definately the better team until we shut up shop with 15 to go.

    1. Mbye - Offensively im still not seeing the threat. Defensively he made and absolute beast of a stop and he is our general from the back. Being that our defense has been pretty damn good im going to attribute some of the him. Again im curious about the knee.

    2. Fonua - I feel like he gets the least respect from the tigers fans. He has been great. Again did all the hard stuff especially when we are struggling. His hands have been great and he has minimal defensive lapses.

    3. Jennings - I dont know he is still a winger to me. Runs hard happy to do the hard stuff good defender but jebus i dont think i have ever seen him pass the ball. In saying that he has been stable and defends very well.

    4. Marsters - I have no idea where he was on the weekend but it wasnt campbletown. I thought it was his worst game as a tiger and thats not even considering the gking. He looked bad in every part of his game. Positive is he still got through a mountain of work.

    5. Thompson - this dude needs a bigger contract he is huge for us week in week out. Granted he is small but he very rarely loses his contact meters. always in position for kicks and long balls. And i also like he is drifting middle in attack to support ball carriers.

    6. Reynolds - Dude was awesome did all the things grub is known for. Great kick chase awesome short kicking game and defended well. Our best half performance this year is going to be hard to dislodge.

    7. Brooks - Ill cop plenty of flak for this but while he is our main play making option we are always going to struggle. i feel brooks is better suited to a second fiddle type player. He just struggles to perform in the clutch and he has plenty of time to learn and mature. I still think he is a solid half but he cant be our focal point. We are a better team when guided by robbie and that hurts to say.

    8. Matulino - I just dont know. 9 runs 65 mins in 32 mins just isnt good enough imo. I dont have an answer on who i would replace him with but i think his time here is done once his contract ends.

    9. Farah - dude needs to take control again. defensively he is still a beast but we need his creativity around the line to score. Still was one of our best

    10. Twal - This kid is our future he is a beast. Again he targets the opponents biggest and baddest continues to impress me. We need to lock him matterson and garner up.

    11. Matterson - Probably best on ground. Showed his vbersatility when he ended up ball playing. Also moved to the middle so chee kam could edge it and was brilliant. Best forward since ellis imo. Dude has it all. Also looked as big as kikau when they were close.

    12. Garner - Thing he is the future on one of our edges. Hits hard and runs good lines. This game wasnt his best with a little less involvement putting it done to not being 100%. Lets hope he can do the week to week grind.

    13. Taylor - I think he is better this year then he has been. However he had a series of play that really hurt 2 penalties and drop. Like brooks last week he really changed the momentum of the game through these mistakes.

    14. Packer - Has been beasting love the new role and how well he is playing it. Would be better to see him start in front of mats but i understand he is there to control the forwards when aloai and mikalle come on.

    15. Huth - I think i see why he is not being used as much this year. While he runs ok and tackles ok he doesnt give us that punch through the middle in either department. He looked slow laterally but i didnt see that abused. still hope mikalle is ready to go against the broncs.
    16. Aloiai - Continues to impressive me. Has provided excellent impact through the middle and his defense is significantly improved. We lose nothing with him and packer in the middle. 3/4 games he has been exceptional.

    17. Chee Kam- i gave him a rev up last week due to his involvement but i thought he did really well this week . I still think he lacks the impact and hoel running skills of garner but he is a good body off the bench. I dont like that he took mattos side pushing matto to the middle as i believe matto is one of our main weapons for points on the edge.

    Anyway this one hurt more then the bulldogs but i think its because all the fans were uber invested. I agree with madge though we were better then when we played the bulldogs.

    Anyway keen to here all your thoughs


  • Pretty spot on, Taylors penalties hurt us, he must be on thin ice. Brooks needs to be traded for a game manager as he is a runner with no football brain at all,

  • There’ll be on trading Tigrr. This isn’t SuperCoach.

  • Matulino is the big worry for me. Has not played to anything like his potential since he got here.

    The only place I can see him making an impact is super league

  • @hodgo:

    Fonua - I feel like he gets the least respect from the tigers fans. He has been great.

    A good summary hodgo. I particularly agree with your point above re Fonua.

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