Mitch Moses

  • I know this will be an unpopular comment but I think Moses has taken to “its your team” better than Brooks has.

    Moses at his best is better than Brooks at his best imo.
    I actually think we had it backwards, Moses should have been our dominant 7 and Brooks as a running 6.

    Just my opinion, waiting for the Moses haters to roast me 😉

  • Don’t need to roast you Tiger.

    I’m proud to be a “Moses” hater - he did a lot for people to hate.

    1 Why do we need a thread about players from other clubs?

    2 Does anyone care if he is better or worse than Luke?

    3 I do know however that he would be close to the wooden spoon as a human being.

  • He is an either you hate him or love him kinda guy. Far more of the former on this forum me thinks. So I don’t think you’ll get too many brownie points today. He is definitely more of a whinger than Brooks and he rubs teammates up the wrong way.
    As a player and leader it took him a while but he has prob taken the role better at times…

  • As much as it pains me to say for many reasons i have to agree at this point in time.

  • He’s cocky and Brooks lacks confidence

    You are right about the whole 'i own this team thing being better with wih moses than brooks "

    But it’s a confidence thing

    Moses loves himself silly and believes the sun shines out of his own backside

    Brooks is very self conscious and struggles at times

    If moses had brooks personality and brooks had moses personality
    Moses would still be in nappies and brooks really would be the next johns

  • Things change suddenly in rugby league… But not on this forum

  • Has he ever strung together more than a handful of quality games together? He’ll burn and crash shortly.

  • Sorry but didn’t you state in a thread last year about round 1 or 2 that mitch was the better one and we got a dud? Just remember it because geo bumped it half way thru the year. One got a dally m and one got a spoon.
    If I was either I would be aiming higher as neither has achieved much. In fact comparing them is a waste of time as they have both achieved the square root of fa. But let’s not make winning the wooden spoon a success either

  • Is he playing for a contract? Only time his form spikes

  • This one was on Clearys watch.

    Coaches live and die by results.

  • Have enough trouble worrying about Brooks DONT bring up that nonce , i agree he will crash and burn soon.

  • Moses is benefiting from getting rid of Norman and having a gun like Ferg in the team.

  • Flat track bully. Watch him crumble under adversity. Parramatta were a semi final team 2 years ago and a predicted top 4 team last year.

    I would take at least 5-8 of their top 17 over players we have available

  • I think Moses has always had a lot more to offer a team than Brooks has, but he’s just a jerk.

    He had a shocker of a season last year, much to Tigers’ fans delight, but it seems that he has worked hard on improving his game all round (goal kicking included) and he is now playing very well in a much improved Parramatta team. He’s still a jerk though lol.

  • The difference is Moses has a will to win and hates losing. Too bad Brooks doesn’t feel the same.
    Talent wise I have always thought Moses was the better player.

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