Mitch Moses

  • Channel 9 putting him in the mix for origin selection again, lol. He’s had a couple of good games this year. Maybe his confidence gives people an exaggeratedly positive perception of his ability. Has some flashy plays but far from solid. That hasn’t changed since he started playing first grade. Goal kicking looking much improved - that’s something we could use.

  • If he was a wrestler he’d be a jobber.

  • Very talented player but don’t forget it’s a contract year for him. Can’t forget how he plays off the back foot and under pressure. Brings the team down when the blow torch is applied.
    Eels forwards this year are going well Paulo making a huge difference.

  • fergo is a freak…

  • @Sco77y:

    Channel 9 putting him in the mix for origin selection again

    Qld supporters can only hope.

  • lol just last year everyone was saying we got it right, now we had it wrong?

    This forum is nuts.

  • Most supporters here including me would not take him back if he was paying us.We have not forgotten how he tanked against his club and teammates to get his way in leaving.
    He has the backbone of a jellyfish

  • i don’t care if he’s the second coming of christ- he’s a dog for what he did. just like SBW was for the dogs.

  • ForumSupporter

    Yep this belongs in season 2011 can’t even be stuffed fixing it…

    Lets see how Slimey goes of the back foot…

  • wait until fergo gets injured… and see eels just melt away

  • @Russell:

    Don’t need to roast you Tiger.

    I’m proud to be a “Moses” hater - he did a lot for people to hate.

    1 Why do we need a thread about players from other clubs?

    2 Does anyone care if he is better or worse than Luke?

    3 I do know however that he would be close to the wooden spoon as a human being.

    1. Because I assume we’re all rugby league fans.
    We do have a “General rugby league” section for a reason don’t we.

    2. I can’t answer that, that’s part of the reason why I thought I’d make a thread about him.

    3. Has he beat a an old lady up, or abused a child.
    Did I miss something?
    I’m not his biggest fan but I can think of plenty that I’d put below him.

  • @Harvey:

    Flat track bully. Watch him crumble under adversity. Parramatta were a semi final team 2 years ago and a predicted top 4 team last year.

    I would take at least 5-8 of their top 17 over players we have available

    I agree, but watch Brooks do the same. Everyone seems to be saying watch Moses crumble if his forwards don’t go well, well watch 95% of halfbacks do the same.

    That’s why I said Moses at his “best” is better than Brooks at his “best”.
    I’ve always thought he was the one with more talent, whether I like him or not as a person doesn’t cloud my opinion of him at his best football wise.

    Some people have difficulty separating the two.

  • I think Moses has greater highs and greater lows. Brooks will rarely drop a ball cold nor throw the no look cut out flick pass to an unmarked man.

    You get the feeling Moses would perform in the clutch moments but would struggle to do it week in and out.

    Brooks is more stable in his performances but goes missing or can’t step up when it’s on the line.

  • Have always stated that Moses has more potential, but have also consistently backed Brooks as a worthy first grader with great potential as well. When the “big four” crap was playing out, for me, it was always about the value for money first and club loyalty second. Luke has ticked both of those boxes, with the return on investment thus far showing a correct decision was made by WT.

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