• Taylor/Farah
    “Big 3”
    Salary cap/Pascoe
    No finals

    “Culture” is a word that can be used to BS people who aren’t really watching, or you can act out the things you talk about; toughness, effort, defence etc…

    For the bunch of players we have to outplay and eventually beat a “desperate” broncos outfit shows that the club has gone through hell and finally got the right coach to instill some steel. Every week we act like show ponys in the media, like rounds 3 and 4, I expect us to lose. Every time we focus on playing good footy I have confidence that we will beat anyone. I think the mentality is improving.

  • I think the fitness everyone said Madge would bring & it appears they’re right on that is helping us with our resolve and attitude.
    Fitness beats fatigue, fatigue kills execution and lends to poor decisions… There’s a definite difference in seeing this year

  • Yep that’s a really strong point Ink. Knowing they have the fitness feeds belief.
    My guess is working so hard that your fitness exceeds other professional athletes is hundreds of little decisions to keep working, keep driving. That must build mental resilience.
    I think the two go together

  • No doubt, there’s a physical improvement in fitness and power (evident in the ruck that we wrestle better). The mental side is what I like because the team showed up for Cleary for most of last year, he walked, and they have done it again for Madge. Very rare in this generation that people stand up in situations like this, where they have an excuse to blame others for non performance.

    I’m only mid 30s but work with people in their early 20s, training them for a specific job in healthcare. Resilience is not a word I get to use much….

  • Good thread. Sums up what we are about this year.
    They are playing hard

  • Resilience is a word that gets used a lot right now and can mean different things. To me it means being ready to play your best, executing your game plan, and holding under pressure. When things don’t go your way, it also means being able to bounce back quickly and resume your strategy. You can only do that as a team. I think we showed all of that against the Broncos and it must only help build more resilience for the rest of the season. Great work guys.

  • Definitely true

    When your physicality holds up for 80 minutes it makes a huge difference

    How often in the past have we come from behind or get blown away because our forwards can’t match up any more

    Just as important Madge’s messages in the dressing room are getting through at HT

    The other point is this will help with injuries …many players get injured simply because of fatigue

    The longer we can keep our best forward pack on the field this season the better

  • I’m disgusted with myself for starting this thread. I thought we toughed it out against the dogs in the second half but yesterday was pathetic.

    I feel like editing the first post to say I was joking.

  • @old_man_tiger I stupidly believed things were turning around after the Broncos game too. The Bulldogs game was beginning to look like a small blight, but it seems it just the Tigers being inconsistent as always. Don’t know where to start after a 51-6 thrashing… Too many things wrong to even consider. I didn’t think it was possible considering the level they’ve been at defensively this year, but they’ve done it again.

  • @Sco77y I think the new theme of the thread should be resilience of the fans

  • @old_man_tiger said in Resilience:

    @Sco77y I think the new theme of the thread should be resilience of the fans

    We’re a resilient bunch that’s for sure!

  • @willow said in Resilience:

    @old_man_tiger said in Resilience:

    @Sco77y I think the new theme of the thread should be resilience of the fans

    We’re a resilient bunch that’s for sure!

    to keep supporting this team that is

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