One of the best nights ever

  • So I got an amazing experience tonight courtesy of a friend who is responsible for organising one of the major sponsors of the Tigers. Some amazing seats and dressing room passes post game.

    I was in a sea of Broncos fans and gave it to them all night. At one point when they were behind in the second half the ground announces tried to rally a Broncos chant and I felt like I single handedly shut them up by counter chanting Tigers.

    I was only a few feet from the Tigers bench all game and was able to shout direct instructions at the boys all night. I told MCK to make a difference when he replaced Jennings. I am sure that my word were ringing in his ears when he made that last run haha!

    After the game I got to meet a few people including Anthony Field, Simon Cook, Kelly Egan, Michael Maguire, Brett Hodgson, Simon Dwyer and Barry O’Farrell who I ended up getting caught on camera in the post game chinwagging with on the Nine cameras. But the coolest was Alex Twal. I told him he was gonna play Origin this year and he talked it down but he was super unbelievably genuine. After I told him he was awesome and gave him props for that awesome offload he actually introduced himself by name (like I didn’t know who he was) and thanked me for my support. Alex’s parents have a ton to proud of.

    That was the freaking best ever. Thanks for reading my waffle.

  • Sounds like an awesome experience mate.

    It seems like this could be a season defining game. Would have been hard to come back from 3 losses in a row.

    P.S. Can you sit near the bench and give to to MCK every game? Haha

  • It was out of this world. I couldn’t have scripted the game better.

    This is a pic of the TV the missus got of me in the postgame chinwagging with Barry O’Farrell haha.


  • Also worth mentioning Simon Cook is a dead set die hard tragic. He loves the Tigers. We had a real good chat.

  • Sounds like a great experience. The win makes it even sweeter

  • Haha I saw that dude on the telly, I had no idea that was you! Nice work 👍

    Did you get to hear the boys singing the team song? I was waiting for it on the post match wrap up, but channel 9 decided to play music all over it for some reason! A bit ticked off, they’ve managed to show every other winning team singing their song this season, but not ours? Thanks heaps channel 9 😠

  • yep, thought the same. Oh well, maybe next win we’ll get the recognition so deserved.

  • Nice one Mac. Wonderful to hear people having a great time courtesy of a Tigers victory.

  • Very cool Mac, we all enjoyed it but your night sounds like one out of the box, thanks for sharing your experience. Love your positivity and enthusiasm

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    lol wd @MacDougall

    Great stuff

  • I have now been to Wests Tigers vs. Broncos in Brisbane 4 times.

    2008 - We lost 19-18
    2010 - We won 16-14
    2016 - We won 19-18
    2019 - We won 22-16

  • Keep going 😁

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    Strange anomaly we have only beaten Brisbane 6 times 5 of those times in Brisbane

    Only once in Sydney and that was a semi and 1 draw in 13 games

  • I really hope someone shows this thread to the players. This shows how passionate the fans are and what a win means to the fans. You cannot read this thread and not smile.
    So glad you had a great night, hope you get to experience many more.

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