We never get credit for wins

And I am sick of it. All they ever talk about is how poorly the opposition played. Well, you don’t need to be Einsteen to know you can only play as well as your opposition lets you. It’s about time we get the credit we deserve. Madge coming to this club is the best thing that has happened since we won in '05!

We (rightly) have a stigma attached that we are a weak team.

Until we consistently start to produce results, it will continue to be the case that we don’t get credit.

Parra will be a massive game… We stand up on this big occasion that will help fix this.
the big break we have now to rest up will also help…

Commentators slowly starting to talk about us as a good team. I think we won some respect last year and so far this year have looked pretty decent. Once we make the finals I think the hype will increase.

Quite correct Happy. We need to display good form over the next couple of years - not a few weeks - before we are taken seriously. Hell, most of us have said the same thing ourselves over the past decade.
Let the critics have their opinions. At the end of the day, it means nothing.

Broncos played as well as we let them…simple…


Parra will be a massive game…

Can’t wait for it. Haven’t been this excited about a game for a while!

Totally agree, the Team worked so hard to achieve that win, lots of grit and commitment., they work so hard for each other.

Commentators are fair to say it was Broncos to lose. And boy how they lost it. In not to different a way that we lost the Penrith game.
Certainly our eagerness in defence gave them troubles and overall we played well enough to deserve the victory on our own merit.
But…Broncos botched two tries which were absolute sitters - and at times in the game when they would have had real ascendancy.
Sure, Marsters also bombed a try but that was no gimme.

i mean… we got really lucky with a few issues… in that game… that is one thing we need to work on

Do you mean got lucky with how the Broncos played that set with 5 minutes to go? 😆


Sure, Marsters also bombed a try but that was no gimme.

I think the Jennings fumble was a gimme…so we square

Who cares what they say really? I actually think the media has talked us up a bit too much at times, particularly after a few wins.

In my opinion (and just mine), we aren’t a great team. Player for player, if you stack us up to our opposing numbers last night, we are hardly stronger than brisbane anywhere on the park. We are resilient yes, but definitely not a great team and I would rather us not be talked up.

I disagree a little @kingbrooks no superstars yes but under Maguire i see us becoming a great TEAM…last night went a way in proving to me a Champion TEAM playing for each other will beat a team of Champions…

We may not be getting the credit here, however, we are getting comments on something that we’ve never been known for, and that’s our defence. Great to hear that across the last two games in terms of commentary. Was a keystone to analysis in the Warriors/Manly wins too.

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