Matt Dislodge

One of the best players in the game, did his part in keeping us in the game

This meathead needs it’s own thread?

yep, just to give him props for dropping so many balls

Looked about as good with his hands last night as he did in a New York appartment a couple of years ago.

Payne Haas was strong, esp in his first game back.

Seems to be a lack of impact from the much-touted Brisbane backrowers however. It’s almost like they have too many guys with the same body shape and same playing style - Glenn, Su’A, Ofahengaue, Fifita, Staggs. All talented footballers but overall a general lack of middle-field go-forward.

Not that the Broncos lacked for yardage, but they really only fielded 2 genuine props (Lodge and Haas) and one junior prop (Flegler) and I think it hurt them in the middle. They are missing a guy like Korbin Sims with that big, broad body in the middle.

And Freddy has Lodge in the frame for a Blues jumper.

The Broncos have made a major recruitment mistake. Have kept all these big young forward, but do not have the old hard head to lead them around. That should have kept McGuire.

Speaking of McGuire - how was his eye gouge last night!

Eyeing off another career

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