New Rule

  • I noticed 3 times last night that players knocked the ball on and the ball goes dead it was a 22 tap 7 tackle set

    I can understand if it happens in the in goal but these didn’t

    In days gone past it would be a 10 metre scrum

    New rule that I haven’t heard about

    Lodge obviously didn’t know about it …he kicked the ball while Mbye was wishing it dead

    What a nugget …he should of got at least 2 points in our player of the match votes

  • That’s the first time I had noticed it too. Maybe it’s always been there but its just rare a knock on from the field of play goes dead.

  • In the past the original knock on would have been played and a 10 metre scrum

  • Yep noticed that was well and thought it was odd. Always thought it was a knock on and scrum as you said. The Lodge one was great

  • From It looks like they are interpreting this rather than as the have previously the first infringement, ie the knock-on.

    Restarting play at 20m – with an optional kick (i.e. any type of kick) 2. The game is restarted with an optional kick from the centre of the 20m line if:

    (a) an attacking player last touches the ball before it goes out of play over the dead ball line or into touch in-goal except from a penalty kick (see Law 3), or from a kick off from the centre of the halfway line. (see 4(g) and 6(b) below).”

  • Well if that is the case I hope Madge is coaching players that if anything remotely close to this happens the players do everything in their powers to try and ground the ball in goal if we are the attacking side

    Obviously Mbye knew what was going on …dum dum Lodge not so much :rofl:

  • you can’t take that chance in the in-goal.

    if they claim try and the video ref sees a strip instead of a knock on, it’s a big issue. You see the ball, go for the ball. Dont fluff around in your in-goal.

  • *Lodge didn’t know the rule
    *Lodge is a nugget
    *Happy didn’t know the rule

  • Inky ……that isn’t very nice

    Whatever happened to your 24 Nuggets for $10 man

  • Happy likes nuggets

  • Yeah about 8 am every day , regular as clock work ….named it Morning Glory

    And these nuggets are golden …not real crunchy though

  • Stupid rule. The 7 tackle set is supposed to stop a team from putting the ball dead to catch a breather. If it goes dead while in a reasonable scoring opportunity it shouldn’t be a 7 tackle set. Theattackingream is penalised for attempting to score a try.

  • He’s busy with his girl

  • I know this isn’t a new rule but how McGuire only gets $1500 fine for Grade 1 eye gouging is ludicrous

    You get a worse fine for manning up and punching a bloke but when you dog act eye gouge a bloke you get a fine

    Should be a minimum 4 weeks

  • I’ve always agreed with this. It should be something like “any kick, excluding attempts at drop-goal, that goes dead from outside the 30m is a 7-tackle restart”.

    That makes grubbers and attempts to find the in-goal not penalised, nor field-goal attempts. Because currently, if you miss the first FG attempt, there is a big advantage to the returning team to get 7 tackles to wind into their own FG range.

    It could actually be that the first team to take the FG attempt won the yardage battle over the previous few sets of GP / late game, won the right to take the first kick, then you gift the opposition 7 tackles simply because the kick went wide.

    In fact I’d be curious to know how many sides, even just this year, won GP by being the second team to set up for FG. Definitely the Panthers game. Rabbitohs also vs Manly?

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