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  • So technically if u have a 7 tackle set shoildnt u be going for a try then instead of a FG??

  • Going for the win whether it is one or six

  • Well that would be nice, but generally speaking teams can advance the footy ~8m per tackle, so from a 20m restart you would normally expect to make 5 x 8m = 40m, i.e. reach 40m out from goal. That’s too far for a FG attempt, when you include blockers and pass out back.

    A good set without a line break might bring you 5 x 10m = 50m, i.e. 30m out from goal, which is still reasonably far to kick from.

    But add just 1 more tackle and suddenly you are 48-60m from the 20, the latter which puts you in perfect FG range.

    So I would argue that a 7-tackle restart actually promotes more FG attempts, because teams can usually advance within shooting range on an average set, but not close enough to really attack for a try. Whereas with a 6-tackle set, most teams would not get close enough for a FG attempt and thus it promotes either moving the football around or tactical kicking.

    Compare your standard GP kickoff outcome vs a 7-tackle GP set to see what I mean.

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